How do I change my name on Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc, which is also known as RAM, is the national carrier as well as the largest Airline in the country; this Airline looks after its customer's comfort and services; if while booking your flight ticket from Royal Air Maroc, you have filled up your name wrongly or because of other reason, you want to change your name on the plane ticket, then the Airline provides a service where you can make changes in your name, through different ways, you in case of any other issue you can contact to the customer service of RAM and talk to the live person about your issues.

Name change policy of Royal Air Maroc

Some several terms and conditions come with the names change service; go through royal air maroc name change policy before moving further with the name-changing process; read out the following steps that are mentioned below:-

  • You can only change three characters in your name, which is not permitted.
  • The Airline does not allow you to change your name completely.
  • Make sure you change your name within 24 hours of booking.
  • If you change your name after the permitted hours, then the Airline will charge you a name-changing fee.
  • The Airline does not charge any amount for adding a middle name to your flight ticket.
  • If you are willing to change your name because of marriage or divorce, then the Airline does not charge a penalty, but you must submit the legal documents to the Airline.
  • The changes in the initial of your name are also free of cost.

Modes to change the name of Royal Air Maroc

You can change your name on your reservation ticket for Royal Air Maroc; there is an online and offline mode for the name-changing process. Choose your type of process as per your comfort and go through the given information below to know the different name-changing ways:-

Process of name change through the website.

If you are looking for an online process, where it should be easy and convenient to ask the Airline to make the changes in your name, then you should step forward with this mode where you can reach out to the Airline through the website, read the below-mentioned points:-

  • Land on the official website of Royal Air Maroc from any browser
  • Go to the manage booking option.
  • Slide down and enter your last name and reference number in the space.
  • Then select the name-changing option from the following.
  • Make the changes in your name as per your requirements.
  • Attach the documents if asked for any.
  • Pay the name-changing fee if shown on the screen.
  • Then, the executive of the Airline will make specific changes to your name.
  • Download your new upgraded flight ticket from the screen.

Process of name change through phone call

If, in any case, or scenario, you cannot reach the Airline's representative, then royal air maroc name correction can also be done through the phone call process, where you can call customer support by calling on their helpline number 1 (800) 344-6726. For further process, read the steps that are mentioned below:-

  • Make a call to customer care of RAM.
  • Choose your preferred language from the following.
  • For flight booking and cancellation, press 1.
  • To learn information about the check-in process, press 2.
  • For a name change, press 3.
  • For the refund process, press 4.
  • To talk to the executive of the Airline, press 0.
  • Then your call will be connected to the Airline.
  • Provide your flight information to the representative of the Airline.
  • Pay the charges if the Airline asks you to pay.
  • Download your upgrade ticket from the screen.

Process of the name change at the Airport

Suppose you cannot make changes or reach the live person at the Airport through the given process. In that case, you can directly visit the Airport and go to the ticket counter, talk to the representative available at the helpdesk of the Airport, provide him with all your flight details, and mention the changes you want to make or add to your name. The executive of the Airline will provide you with a new ticket after making the changes you requested.

What is the name change fee at Royal Air Maroc?

Suppose you change your name after 24 hours of booking. In that case, you have to pay the name-changing fee to the Airline, Royal Air Maroc name change penalty is around $75, and it might increase as per the arrival and departure time of the Airline and also according to the date of the flight, so if you want to save for money, and do not want to pay the penalty to the Airline then try to make the changes within the given period.

After reviewing the above information, you must know the name-changing process and its policy. Still, if you have any doubt regarding this service, you can talk to the representative of RAM by calling on their customer support helpline number and discuss your query with the person available on the line; he will guide you through the further process.

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