A Comprehensive Guide on Changing Passenger Names on Akasa Air

When it involves air travel, once in a while, sudden conditions change, wherein you could need to change the passenger name on your reservation, Akasa Air is familiar with this need. It has a policy letting passengers correct their names. This blog will discover the Akasa Air name change policy, process, terms and conditions, and the applicable expenses for changing passenger names.

Name Change Policy on Akasa Air:

Akasa Air acknowledges that passengers may need to change their tickets due to diverse motives, including spelling mistakes, name changes, or unexpected instances. The airline has an adequately defined Akasa Air name change policy to help passengers in such conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Name Change:

To make change an accessible name alternate procedure, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the term and conditions Akasa Air sets. Here are a few key points to recollect:


  • Name changes are generally allowed only for character passengers and are no longer relevant to group bookings.
  • The name change must be issued immediately via Akasa Air, their professional website, or authorized sellers.


  • Name change requests must be made within a particular time frame earlier than the departure of the flight. The genuine timeframe can also vary, so it's essential to contact Akasa Air's customer service or consult their official website for unique information.


  • To request a name change, passengers must offer legitimate supporting files consisting of a passport, driving license, or any felony documentation that justifies the want for the name alternate.
  • The supporting documents have to healthy the brand-new name asked.

Fee for Name Change:

Akasa Air can also rate a fee for akasa air name change, usually determined by the fare rules and regulations associated with the ticket.

  • The charge may additionally vary based on factors such as the vacation spot, fare elegance, and the proximity to the departure date.
  • It is beneficial to touch Akasa Air's customer service or confer with their authentic internet site for the precise fee shape.

Limitations and Prohibitions:

  • Name changes are complex to availability and won't be assured, particularly throughout journey intervals or while flights are completely booked.
  • Name changes cannot be transferred to some other passenger or broken up among multiple passengers.
  • Name changes that violate relevant laws, rules or the phrases and conditions of the original reserving may be denied.

Cancellation and Refunds:

  • Name trade charges are non-refundable, no matter the outcome of the name change request.
  • Upon a flight cancellation or schedule alternate initiated via Akasa Air, passengers can be entitled to money back or re-lodging according to the airline's regulations.

Amendments to the Name Change Policy:

  • Akasa Air reserves the right to modify or amend the Name Change Policy without prior note.
  • The updated Name Change Policy will observe all call exchange requests made after the effective date of the coverage amendment.

Passengers should cautiously review and understand the terms and conditions of Akasa Air name change before starting a name change request with Akasa Air. Passengers acknowledge and conform to abide by those phrases and conditions by intending with a name change request. For additional help or clarification, passengers may contact Akasa Air's customer support or visit the airline's official website.

Process for Name Change

Contact Akasa Air's Customer Support:

  • Reach out to Akasa Air's customer service via their helpline or e-mail. Please provide them with your booking information and explain the motive for the call change.
  • Submit Supporting Documents:
  • Furnish the specified supporting documents to validate the want for the call alternate. Ensure that the records match the new call requested.

Pay the Name Change Fee:

If relevant, be organized to pay the alternate name fee in step with the fare policies. The customer support group will provide precise information concerning the price and system.

Confirmation and Updated Ticket:

  • Once the name change request is processed and permitted, you will obtain a guarantee from Akasa Air.
  • The airline will problem an up-to-date name change ticket with the corrected passenger name, reflecting the adjustments made.


Akasa Air is aware that passengers may additionally come upon conditions requiring akasa air name correction. With a well-described name correction policy, the airline aims to offer passengers a clean and hassle-free experience in such instances. Following the terms and conditions, filing the specified documents, and paying the relevant fee, passengers can successfully alternate the passenger name on their Akasa Air reservation. For unique details and personalized assistance, it is advocated to contact Akasa Air's customer support or chat with their professional website.

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