How to Change Your Seat on Air Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Comfort is vital in upgrading your overall experience when it involves air travel. If you're flying with Air Canada and want to change your seat for any purpose, this blog will offer you a step-by-step manual on how to do so. We will address common questions concerning air canada change seat policies and what happens if you don't pick a seat ahead.

Steps to change A Seat on Air Canada

  • Visit the Air Canada Website: Open your selected internet browser and visit the Air Canada website.
  • Log in to Your Account: If you've got a current Air Canada account, log in using your booking reference Number.
  • Access the "Manage Bookings" Section: Navigate to the "Manage Bookings" section.
  • Select the "Seat Selection" Option: Within the "Manage Bookings" section, search for the "Seat Selection" or "Choose Seats" choice. Click on it to proceed.
  • Choose a New Seat: A seat map shows your flight's available seats. Please select a brand new seat by using clicking on it.
  • Complete the Seat Change: Once you are happy with your new seat choice, observe the activities to confirm your choice and complete the process.

By following those steps, you may change your seat on Air Canada and ensure a more tremendously comfortable and fun flight experience.

What happens if you do not select a seat on Air Canada?

Air Canada offers the option to pick your seat earlier if you prefer a different seat; Air Canada will assign you a seat free of charge at some stage in check-in if you make air canada change seats after check-in. However, this seat won't be for your preference and will doubtlessly bring about a much less perfect seating association.

Do you have to pay to select the seats on Air Canada?  

Air Canada's seat selection coverage varies depending on the air canada seat selection fee, class, and frequent flyer fame. Here is the important thing info:

  • Economy Basic Fare: If you've purchased an Economy Basic fare, seat selection is not covered. You can pick out a seat for a charge beginning from the time of booking until check-in.
  • Economy Standard and Flex Fares: Seat choice is complimentary when booking for Economy Standard and Flex fares.
  • Premium Economy and Business Class: Passengers traveling in Premium Economy or Business Class can choose their seats at no cost at some stage in the booking procedure or at any time before taking a look at-in.
  • Aeroplan Elite and Super Elite Members: Aeroplan Elite and Super Elite contributors experience complimentary seat selection benefits across all fare kinds, together with Economy Basic.

Can I change seats after check-in with Air Canada?

Air Canada permits passengers to change their seats even after check-in. However, it is subject to availability. Here's how you can do it:

  • Online Seat Change: Visit the Air Canada website or use their mobile app to change your seat online. Log in to the usage of your reserving reference, navigate to the "Manage Bookings" phase, and pick out the seat change alternative.
  • Airport Assistance: If you cannot change your seat online, you can method an Air Canada agent at the airport. They will assist you in finding a seat that fits your options.

Air Canada Seat Selection Policy: Explained

Understanding air canada seat selection policy is essential for a safe journey. Here are the key points to do not forget:

  • Seat Selection Fees: The seat choice expenses on Air Canada vary, depending on elements together with direction, travel class, and seat kind (e.g., favored seat, go out row, and so forth.). The fees can be a few bucks to higher amounts for top-rate seat options.
  • Preferred Seats: Air Canada offers favored seats with extra legroom for an additional fee. These seats are available to buy for all fare types, together with Economy Basic.
  • Seat Selection for Families: Air Canada offers options to ensure households are seated together, such as complimentary seat selection for children elderly 14 and beneath who are touring with an adult on an identical reservation.
  • Seat Availability: While Air Canada aims to house choices, availability can vary depending on elements, including flight call and plane configuration. Pick out your seat as early as feasible to grow your possibilities of securing your desired seat.


Changing your seat on Air Canada is a sincere technique that may enhance your flying experience. By understanding Air Canada's seat selection policy or alternatives to air canada seat selection booking,  you may choose a seat that fits your preferences and experience an extra relaxed journey.

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