How do I change my name after a reservation at Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines makes it easier for travelers who made mistakes while inserting a name in the booking. But, the airline mandates that every traveler who wishes to make the name correction must abide by the name change policy. 

Have you made the same mistake? Do not worry; this article can provide a comprehensive guide about Brussels Airlines name correction policy. Also, this article can benefit you if you want a guide to making name corrections at the airline. Dive in to find relatable information!

The General Name Change Policy of Brussels Airlines 

Do you wish to make name corrections? Check out the given general name change terms and conditions mentioned by the airline:

  • You need to choose the same method to bring name correction as you used to book the ticket in the first place.
  • You can easily change the typos, but the condition is that the changed name must match the passport or government ID.
  • However, if you take assistance from Brussels Airlines for the change formalities, you must pay some additional charges for the service.
  • You need to provide the required documents to complete the procedure in case of official name changes. 

So, ensure that you comply with the Brussels Airlines name change terms and conditions if you don’t want to face inconveniences. Check out the upcoming segment about the applicable name change charges at Brussels Airlines.

Name Change Fee at Brussels Airlines 

Well, you can make changes for free if you do them within a day of the booking. But, if you surpass the risk-free period of the airline, you need to pay 25 EUR to bring the changes. However, if you booked a non-refundable ticket, the airline does not allow you to make any changes. 

How do I make name changes at Brussels Airlines?

Here is a detailed guide of steps involved in making name corrections at Brussels Airlines:

  • Open the official Brussels Airlines website and go for the My Booking option.
  • Provide the last name and booking reference number and retrieve your booking.
  • Make the required correction and pay the applicable amount, if any.
  • Lastly, the airline sends you the name correction request email; you also get a revised invoice for your booking.

Follow the steps and escape the Brussels Airlines name change fee by completing the formalities within a day of booking. However, if you cannot bring the changes yourself, you can contact the airline’s professionals to guide you efficiently. The agents can perform the essential formalities of the name change to avoid any inconveniences.

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