Various ways for check-in in China Southern Airlines


There are several ways by which you can check-in in China Southern Airlines. Some of the ways are mentioned below. You can select any of the given ways at your convenience. You can check-in on your own as the steps for check-in are very easy and effortless.

For any sort of China southern online check-in problems, you need to consult the customer support team of China Southern Airlines. The experts will ask about your queries and resolve your issues in the best way possible. The biggest advantage of getting in touch with the support team of China Southern Airlines is that the experts are available day and night to assist the passengers of China Southern Airlines. Moreover, there are quite a lot of modes by which you can make a connection with the support team of China Southern Airlines. Some of the modes are live chat, phone calls, social media, and emails. Select any of these ways and get a resolution to your problems.

What are the different ways to check-in in China Southern Airlines?

Given below are the ways by which you can easily check-in in your China Southern Airlines.

  • Online check-in

This is the easiest way to check-in. Simply, go to the official web portal of China Southern Airlines. You will see an option of “Online Service”. Go to this option, where you have to click on the option of “Online check-in”. Now, write down your verified id and name. After that, look for your journey details, then select your seat, and then hit the “Continue” option.

  • Self-service check-in

Go to the airport and look for the check-in kiosk. This is the simplest way to check-in. For any difficulty, you can ask the airport crew members present there at the airport.

  • SMS check-in

For SMS check-in, you will receive a check-in message on your registered mobile number. The SMS will arrive within one hour of the scheduled departure of your China Southern flight.

  • Counter check-in

Go to the airport authorities of China Southern Airlines on the airport. Show them your valid identity proof and they will provide you the boarding pass.

For any kind of China Southern online check-in error, contact the support team immediately. They will determine all your issues within a minute.



For check-in details visit:

Customer service: 011 86 400 869 5539

Reservations: 1 (888) 338-8988

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