How do I check in GOL Linhas Aéreas?

When you have purchased the ticket from the GOL Airline, then to get the boarding pass, you have to complete the check-in process. And the options by which can conduct the Gol airlines check-in are as follows:

•    Web check-in 
•    Kiosk check-in 
•    Airport counter check-in
•    Curbside check-in
•    Mobile check-in 
•    Check-in by the call
•    Auto check-in

GOL Airlines check-in time

In order to perform the check-in on the GOL Airline, there is a certain time barrier for performing that. And the details about that are listed below, according to their check-in mode.

Web check-in 

The online check-in time on the GOL Airline is as follows:

•    On domestic flights: - the check-in starts within 48 hours, and at least 1hour prior to the flight departure, you can check in if you have the checked baggage. But when you only have the carry-on baggage, you can check in 30 minutes before the flight departure.
•    On international flight: - the international route passenger, the check-in starts 48 hours before the flight departure and closes a 1hour prior to the scheduled flight departure.

But the flight is operated by GOL Airlines from the United States, and their check-in time is between 24 hours to 1 hour before the flight departure.

Totem check-in 

At the airport, you can also conduct the check-in through Totem, and the time to conduct the check-in is as follows:

•    Domestic flight: - if you wish to use the Totem for the check-in, you can do that between 3 hours and one hour of flight departure.
•    International flight: - On the international route, the check-in window is between the 3hour to 1hour flight departure.
The flight to the United States or from the United States, operated by the GOL Airline, can conduct the check-in from 3 hours to 1 hour before the flight departure.

Airport counter check-in
You can also conduct the check-in through the airport counter, and the check-in time is displayed below according to the routes.

•    For domestic flight: - you have the domestic flight ticket, then you can check-in between 3 hours to 1 hour prior to the flight departure.
•    For international route:- when you have brought the international fare, you can check in between 3 hours and 1 hour before flight departure.

A flight which is operated by the GOL Airline to or from the united stated can conduct the check-in at the airport between 3 hours to 1 hour of the scheduled departure of the flight. 

Mobile check-in 

You can also complete your check in the process through a mobile application, and the time to conduct that is as follows:-

•    Domestic route: - you will get to check in through the mobile on the domestic route, and then you have 48 hours to 1 hour before the flight departure. 
•    International route: - on the international route, you also get the check-in time from 48 hours to 1 hour prior to the flight departure.  

But when you have to catch the flight from the united state or get to the United States, then you can check in between 24 hours to 1 hour before the flight departure.

How to conduct the web check-in for the GOL Airline flight?

When you urge for the Gol airlines web check-in, then stick by the steps which have been illustrated beneath.

•    Visit the official website of GOL Airlines
•    Then click on the check-in options. 
•    Afterward, type the CPF number, smiles number, or ticket number with the origin-destination name, and click on the start option.
•    Further, click on the fight for which you wish to check-in.
•    Then select the passenger, and click on the confirm option.
•    Now, you can choose your seat and follow the process.
•    You will receive the boarding pass on your device and email when the process is completed.

Exception for the web check-in on GOL Airline

There are also some conditions under which you might not be able to perform the web check-in process, and the condition is as follows:-

•    When you are traveling with the pets
•    When you have requested special assistance at the airport.
•    When you have four or more flights in your fare.
•    When you are traveling in a group.

How can you conduct mobile check-in for GOL Airlines?

Another option by which you can conduct the mobile check-in is through the mobile application, and if you need the hint to complete the process, then comply with the below steps.

•    Open GOL Airline mobile applications.
•    Click on the menu icon and select check-in options.
•    Now type your e-ticket number with the flight origin airport name, and click o the start icon. 
•    Later you can choose the flight and passenger; click on the next icon.
•    Further, you get to select the seat and follow the process.
•    You will have the boarding pass in our app and device when the process is finished.

GOL Airline airport Totem check-in 

When you have selected the Totem for your check-in, and for that, you need these things:-

•    E-ticket number, or
•    Smiles number or
•    CPF number
•    Credit card, or 
•    Passport 

Apart from checking in from the Totem, you can also be able to conduct this list of things:-

•    Get the hard copy of your boarding pass
•    Change or upgrade your seats.
•    Change for a same-day flight.
•    If your flight is delayed or canceled, then you can find an alternate flight.
•    If you are visually imparted, then by listening to the audio, you can finish the process.
•    Put tags o your bags.

GOL Airline airport counter check-in

On the GOL Airline, you can physically conduct the check-in through its counter. And for that, you need to show your passport with the prescribed document. Thus at the airport, you will be able to perform the below-mentioned things:-

•    You can check in your baggage.
•    If the seat is available, then you will be able to select the seats.
•    You can get the boarding pass.

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