Does Vueling Airlines allow you to correct my name on the ticket?

Recently, you viewed the Vueling Airlines ticket information through “Manage Booking,” and you saw some errors in naming on the ticket; for this reason, you are worried about what to do in this situation and how to get rid of this. Therefore, you are looking for the Vueling Airlines policies. Is there any chance to update or amend the name on the ticket? So, according to the Vueling name correction policy, a traveler can easily change their name from the ticket by paying any additional fee to the airline, which is only applicable when the airline provides eligibility to you. 

What does the Vueling name correction policy state about what you can or can’t do?

Vueling Airlines has some rules and conditions on name correction from your reserved itinerary, which is necessary to consider or be familiar with whenever you are proceeding to change it. So, you will know about it by tracking the down points that are situated below; you must read it.


  • You can only add/delete/change letters from your name free within 24 hours of reservation completion by calling our customer service center because it states that you are the same person who bought the ticket.
  • Also, a traveler can be eligible to add/delete/change letters from your name without paying any fare because it tells that you are the same person who is going to Vueling to change a passenger's name after 24 hours of reservation completion by calling our customer service center. 
  • Changes within 24 hours of booking from the Vueling website from your computer; you have to pay only the fare difference if there is. 
  • Amendment after 24 hours of reservation from the Vueling ticket will allow you to pay the change fees, or if there is any fare difference, you should have to pay it. 
  • If you have the Travel insurance of Vueling Airlines ( XCover ), you can only change your name from the ticket from the XCover portal. 
  • According to the name correction policy, the airline allows for translation of name change, surname reversal, adding the second last name, naming the middle or surname, or updating the compound name from the ticket without paying any charges to the airline. 
  • In addition, in any case, you can change your name or last name due to civil status like marriage, divorce, or a change due to gender identity, which will make changes available free of cost.
  • Also, is there any legal matter or notice to change your name? It is requisite to present your original or corresponding documents to the airlines. 


  • A traveler is not eligible to put a first surname on the ticket 
  • You cannot amend a name change without the airline's allowance.

How can I correct my name from the Vueling itinerary?

There are a few ways to correct your name from the Vueling itinerary by paying or not paying the Vueling name change fee; therefore, you must get through the down-prompt ways to get info about it.

Correct name from the website: The airline allows you to correct your name by paying if you change it through their website within or after 24 hours of making a reservation by Manage Booking. Thus, to do this, one must learn the steps:

  1. Go to the Vueling Airlines site.
  2. Click on “Travel” and tap on “Manage Booking,” which is stated under the “Your Booking” section.
  3. After that, you may enter the “booking code” and “purchaser’s email” and select the “go” option.
  4. Then, you can view your booking, continue to find the change button, 
  5. Click on the name change, and the request will be sent to the airlines; if the airline allows you to do this, make changes in your name, 
  6. Confirm it by adding any reliable data, ID, or documents, and proceed to pay the charges, 
  7. And you will receive confirmation from the airlines in a few hours. 

Correct name by calling the customer service center: Also, you can correct your name without paying any fee to the airlines by calling the Vueling Customer Service Centre; therefore, to do this, you need to get through the following steps:

  1. Dial 02035143971, and speak to the Vueling person directly,
  2. Request for the name change from the ticket with the reason, 
  3. Share your ticket details with the airline agent or other documentation with them,
  4. And the customer service agent will help you to amend the name change from the Vueling ticket. 

How much does it cost to change the name on the Vueling?

Generally, Vueling Airlines doesn’t cost a name change on the ticket, but sometimes it will charge, depending on your ticket fare type. 

Bottom Line

Hence, by tracking the above article, you can easily change your name on a ticket by learning about the airline’s name correction policy, the reliable process of doing this through the website, calling the customer service center, or how much fees the airline person will take. Furthermore, if you get any issues while naming on your Vueling itinerary, contact the Airlines customer service center at 02035143971. And, by talking with them, fix all disputes easily.

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