How to Find my American Airlines Record Locator?


American Airlines is the major and world’s largest American airlines which are headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The airline is the combination in rendering the outstanding customer service and airplanes performance. American airlines even have the knowledge about the needs and requirements of its passengers and hence perform every possible thing to make their journey one without any hassle. Thinking this, airlines have introduced many programmes and services to benefit passengers. Let us study some of the specific services and programmes started by American airlines for the benefit of passengers. 

American Airlines Services! 

The officials and passengers know that all the information related to trip right from starting to end of it is very crucial. And hence, the passengers themselves save their itinerary details along with them in case of future reference. 

There also comes a time when due to some personal emergency the passengers, first of all, make necessary changes or cancel their journey with American airlines to save their money. And this is very well understood by officials of American airlines. So, for making the reference convenient, American airlines have come up with the option of passengers’ record locator. 

What is the Record Locator Number? 

According to American airlines, record locator can be considered to be as the identification number which is 6 characters long. These characters contain alphanumeric code which acts as the identification for every passenger’s travel information. To know how to find the record locator in American airlines reservations the passengers may read this article further. 

Learning how to find American airlines record locator! 

  1. The officials at American airlines pass some codes between different airlines as a means of identification of the passengers.
  2. This record locator can be termed as PNR details as well. And it can be found in the American airline's tickets details. 
  3. The record locator not only includes 6 alphanumeric code but also includes bar codes to maintain the privacy of each passenger’s travel details. 
  4. This barcode is also stated on airline tickets. The passengers may even find their details by logging into the passenger credentials to check or make changes in their journey. 
  5. This record locator helps the passengers to make any changes or possible cancellation or special instructions to make their journey hassle-free. 
  6. The recorded data is also known with different names like confirmation number, reservation code, booking code etc. 
  7. With this, the passengers save their time as the unique code gives information instantly with each and every relevant information. 
  8. Not only this, but the record locator number can also be used to identify the bookings other than American airlines. This is the case when the passenger has a connecting flight with some other aviation company. 

Therefore, the passengers may easily find their record locator number on the American airline's tickets. And this number helps the passengers to easily identify their information and also perform any possible changes. 

Seeking help from American airlines customer service representatives! 

American Airlines also has a separate and dedicated team of customer service. This customer service is 24/7 active on different platforms and the passengers can get in touch with American airlines customer service representatives on any platform. 

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          • Hardeo Bharat
      • how can i get a print out of my boarding pass from june 11th from FORT LAUDERDALE TO DCA REGAN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT

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          • gerald lewis
      • My wife and I are on the same plane. She has a different record locator. Her name is Christina Keating. 3/18 from oaxaca to DFW. What is her number?

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