How do I get a refund from Hawaiian Airlines?


QUICK GUIDE: What is the procedure to request a refund for Hawaiian Airlines booking?

Considered as one of the major airlines of Hawaii, the airline has a fleet size of 55 and covers over 20 destinations around Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the United States mainland. Besides, to make the travel hassle-free, the travelers are offered multiple services and refund provisions against their Hawaiian Airlines reservations.

Besides, before heading on with the procedure to request a refund, it is required that the travelers have complete information regarding Hawaiian airlines refund policy. So, to help out the travelers, here are the key pointers of the policy that one needs to know.

Major points of the refund policy of Hawaiian Airlines that one needs to abide by

  • As per the refund policy, for the reservations cancelled by the airline, they are offered a refund of the full value of the ticket and other applicable charges.
  • However, if the ticket is partially used before the cancellation of the flight, then a refund will be provided for the unused part of the reservations.
  • Besides, for claiming a Hawaiian Airlines refund for a voluntarily cancelled booking, it is required that the ticket is listed on the Hawaiian ticket stock.
  • Also, the refund procedures for the reservations remain the same in the case of voluntary cancellation too.

And for the travelers looking for the details on Hawaiian airlines refund covid, they can check out the details mentioned below:

  • For the reservations confirmed after 26th February 2020, they are offered with ticket cancellation fee waiver against their booking.
  • Besides, it is required that the flight ticket was modified or rebooked at least 2 hours or more before the departure of the flight.
  • However, for the flight ticket changed within 2 hours of the departure, they will only be offered a voucher.

24-hour refund provision for Hawaiian Airlines booking

Moreover, for those looking for info on Hawaiian Airlines 24 hour refund policy, it is required that the flight ticket is cancelled within one day of the purchase to claim a full refund. For more info regarding the same, one can feel free to reach out airline reservation department.

How to request a refund for Hawaiian Airlines booking?

For the travelers who are wondering, can I get a refund from Hawaiian airlines, it is required that they fulfill the certain requirements of the refund policy and follow the quick steps to process a refund against their cancelled booking.

For requesting a refund, the traveler needs to follow the quick steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the airline website and open the make a request page.
  • On the particular page, select the topic as refund and select the sub-topic.
  • Then, the traveler can mention their contact details and reservation details.
  • Further, the traveler can attach the required documents for claiming a refund.
  • After that, the traveler can submit their refund request and manage their booking in time.

Thus, this is complete information on Hawaiian airlines refund policy and procedure that one requires to know. Besides, if the traveler has more queries, they can feel free to contact the airline representative to seek more info to manage the booking accordingly.

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