When can I receive a refund from Hawaiian Airlines?

The time to process a refund depends on the payment method used by the travelers to purchase a ticket. If you bought a ticket using a credit card, the airline refunds the money within seven days of the refund request submission. However, if you used cash, check, or other payment methods, the refund might take 20 days to reflect on your screen.

But before sending a refund request, you must know about the Hawaiian Airlines refund policy. In this article, you can find essential things about the refund policy of Hawaiian Airlines.

General Refund Policy at Hawaiian Airlines

You must ensure that the ticket qualifies for the refund; otherwise, the airline rejects the request. So, if you want to skip the chances of any further inconveniences, check out the given points:

  • At Hawaiian Airlines, not all the tickets qualify for a refund unless mentioned otherwise.
  • Also, the airline entitles refunds to the passengers who own a refundable ticket; if you have a non-refundable ticket, the timing of booking and cancellation matters.
  • It is easy to submit the Hawaiian Airlines refund request as you can do it online. Still, Hawaiian Airlines allows you to cancel the ticket for a refund online only if you purchased the ticket directly from the airline.
  • When you submit the refund request within a day of its booking, it increases the chance of getting a 100% refund.

So, once you read thoroughly about the refund terms and conditions, you stay prepared for challenges that may come your way. Now you need to learn about the procedures to request a refund.

Easy Steps of Requesting a Refund at Hawaiian Airlines

Follow the given steps if your ticket qualifies for the refund terms and conditions:

  • To start the Hawaiian Airlines refund process, visit the airline’s official website. Navigate the Manage Flights tab on the homepage.
  • Choose the Manage Trip link from the dropdown menu.
  • You need to enter the confirmation code and the passenger’s last name; tap the View My Trip button.
  • Once you access the booking, complete the flight cancellation procedure.
  • You can see a refund form after you finish paying the applicable cancellation charges.
  • Please fill in the refund request form and send it; the airline sends you a confirmation email at your registered address. 

What is keeping you waiting now that you know Hawaiian Airlines refund policy? Follow the steps and request a refund for your canceled flight. Also, you can take help from the airline’s customer service team, who can guide you efficiently about the refund policy and easy way around requesting a refund. So, hurry and learn about a flexible booking policy with Hawaiian Airlines by booking a ticket!

Official weblink: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com

Regarding refund visit: https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/legal/domestic-contract-of-carriage/rule-24

Customer Service: 1-800-367-5320


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