How Do I Get a Refund on My ANA Flight?

ANA flight is the largest airline in Japan and is well-known for providing its customers with support and assistance even at the time of cancellation and refund. The airline gives its customers their hard-earned money back if the cancellation is made as per the policy and fare rules of the airlines. The passengers get their unused flight ticket amount back from the airlines. The passengers are advised to learn the airline's refund policy before proceeding further with the refund initiation.

Get familiar with the ANA refund policy

  • The passengers are liable to get a complete refund of their flight amount if the cancellation was made within 24 hours of the reservation of the flight ticket. Provided, the reservation is required to be made at least seven days before the scheduled flight departure.
  • If the cancellation was made after the 24 hours grace period, in that case, the passenger is liable to get the refund of their refundable flight ticket after the deduction of the cancellation charges. The passengers with non-refundable flight tickets will get the flight credit of their ticket amount for a future booking.
  • If the cancellation was made in case of any medical emergency. In that case, the passengers will also be liable to get a complete refund on the cancellation. However, the passengers are required to provide the necessary documents at the time of initiating the refund.
  • If the airline cancellation were made, there would also be a complete refund on the flight cancellation. However, the passengers are allowed to rebook their flight tickets with the airlines in between the ANA refund time.
  • If there is a significant delay of three hours in the flight departure and the passenger decides to opt for the cancellation, in that case, they will get a complete refund of their flight ticket.
  • It will take 5 to 7 business days for the refund to get initiated to you through the original mode of payment.
  • The ANA refund fee depends upon the time of cancellation as well as on the type of the fare and flight class.

The process to get the refund from ANA flights

  • Get into the airline's official website and proceed towards the 'mANAge booking' section.
  • Fill out the PNR number and the passenger's last name, and proceed further to get onto the available flight page.
  • Select your flight and proceed further towards the process of cancellation.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the refund of the ANA refund ticket. If you have a non-refundable flight ticket, the ticket amount will be transferred to the travel credit on your registered account.
  • While proceeding to initiate the refund, you are required to provide the necessary documents to support the reason for cancellation.
  • It will take 5-7 business days for the refund to get credited to your account.
  • If you have made the payment with the credit card, the amount will get refunded to the credit card company, and after that, the ticket amount will get into your account as per the credit card company's policy.
  • If you made the original booking through cash, you must provide the account details on which you want to initiate the refund amount.

You can also get in touch with the customer care agent on the official website of the airlines for any doubt or queries related to the refund policy of the airlines.

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