How Do I Get in Touch With LOT Polish Airlines?

A complete guide to contact a live person at LOT Polish Airlines

Booking flight tickets online can be tricky. LOT Polish Airlines provides you with quick customer support that instantly helps you resolve any issue. You can connect with the airline over a phone call, live chat, email, etc. The live person helps you with the issue related to flight booking, cancellation, or refund.

If you are clueless about where to find the LOT Polish Airlines customer service phone number of the airline, check the article below. Besides, you can choose other methods to speak to a representative at the airline for your queries.

How Can I Call a Live Person at LOT Polish Airlines?

You need to visit the official online portal of the airline first to see the contact numbers. Once you click on the Contact button from the Help Center section, click on the required option. To make a phone call with the airline, follow the steps below:

  • Dial 00 48 22 577 77 55 from the support page
  • Press 1 to talk in English
  • Press 2 to speak with an agent for an existing reservation.
  • Press 3 for other information.

Stay online till the automated system connects your call to a live agent. Besides, if you want to hear the LOT Polish Airlines customer service voice menu, you can check the following segments. The options can help you answer some common queries over the call.

LOT Polish Airlines voice sub menu

  • Press 1 if you want to make some changes due to Covid-19
  • Press 2 to talk with a representative for the current booking.
  • Press 3 to know the flight status.
  • Press 4 to make a new booking, promo code, or compact trouble.
  • Press 0 to hear the menu again.

What is the Best Time to Contact LOT Polish Airlines?

The calling line is open 24 / 7 for every location. You can choose the country and city to find the contact number of your location. If you still want to know the best time to call the LOT Polish Airlines customer service number, call around 9:00 AM. The rush during the early hours is less, and you can save yourself from the hold time on call.

Other Ways to Contact LOT Polish Airlines

Apart from calling, you can choose other platforms to contact the airline. The list of the options are given below:

Live chat on LOT Polish

You can choose two options to start a live chat with the airline. 



LOT Polish online contact forms

You can fill out the contact form with the airline using different subjects from this link

LOT Polish Email Support

The email address of the airline is [email protected]

So, now you know plenty of ways to contact the customer support of LOT. You can choose any given method and connect with the airline to resolve your queries. Besides, the LOT Polish Airlines contact number is available 24 hours of the day to provide you with continuous support at any moment. Don't panic if you find some issues with your booking. Reach customer support and have an untroubled journey with LOT Polish Airlines.

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