How do I hold a ticket on Singapore Airlines?

While making your reservation with Singapore Airlines, you can hold your ticket to freeze the fare if you feel that prices are within your budget. So, you can book it later at the same price. If you are wondering, how can I hold a ticket on Singapore Airlines? You can read the complete information below to update yourself.

How Do I Get Hold of Singapore Airlines?

Holding a ticket on Singapore Airlines is also termed a secure my fare. It means holding your ticket for three days with no increase in price.

  • First, visit the Singapore Airlines official website or open the Singapore airline application on your phone
  • Now go ahead with the booking process; once you select your itinerary and the seat that you want to secure
  • Hit the option secure my fare on the homepage
  • Now pay for the holing fee
  • And your fare is secure now for three days
  • Within the holding period, you can book your flight by going to the manage booking section

So using the steps above, you can hold a ticket on Singapore airlines. The holding fee is adjusted once you confirm your booking. In case you don’t book your flight, the holding fee is not refundable.

  • Terms and conditions regarding secure my fare
  • When you secure your fare, all the arrangements will be held
  • The holding fee is not refundable
  • The holding fee is charged per person/per segment basis
  • The holding period is valid for 74 hours only, and information related to the validity of the holding period will be available on the payment
  • The final fare amount does not include a holding fee, and a non-refundable service fee may be applicable if you pay by credit card
  • Once you confirm the booking, you may only change the itinerary and purchase add-ons; after confirming your booking 

Eligibility for Singapore Airlines tickets holds the option

  • If you are eligible for a hold ticket, then the option to secure my fare will be visible after you made the sitting
  • You can access the secure my fare option only
  1. For flight working under Singapore airlines
  2. For on-redemption bookings
  3. When you book for premium economy and booking economy class
  4. Eligibility also depends on the travel dates and the destinations you have chosen

Can I hold a ticket on Singapore Airlines? So using the information above, you can hold your flight to Singapore. While holding your ticket, if you face any difficulty, you can take assistance from the customer support team of Singapore Airlines.

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