How do I request wheelchair assistance on American airlines?

Traveling by air can be stressful, especially if you have mobility challenges. American Airlines understands this and offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who need it. Here is how to request American airlines wheelchair assistance, so continue to read further.  

Steps to request wheelchair assistance on American Airlines

Here are a few points through which you can request the wheelchair on American Airlines quickly. 

  • Arrive at the airport early: American Airlines recommends that passengers who require wheelchair assistance arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes prior. This will give enough time for the airline to arrange for assistance.
  • Look for the check-in counter: Once you arrive at the airport, head to the check-in counter and inform the agent that you require wheelchair assistance. The agent will provide you with a wheelchair and escort you to the gate.
  • Boarding the plane: At the gate, you'll be assisted by American Airlines staff to board the plane. They will assist you with storing your carry-on baggage and ensure you're comfortably seated.
  • Disembarking: Upon arrival at your destination, American Airlines staff will assist you with disembarking the plane and escort you to baggage claim.
  • Return journey: If you require assistance on your return journey, make sure to inform American Airlines at the time of booking or check-in

Thus, American Airlines offers special assistance on American airlines to passengers who need it. Following these simple steps, you can request assistance and have a comfortable and stress-free flight experience.

American Airlines Assistance for elderly Passenger

American Airlines provides various forms of special assistance for elderly passengers, including:

  • Wheelchair assistance
  • Boarding assistance
  • Special meal requests
  • Oxygen requests
  • Transportation of mobility devices
  • In-flight assistance with communication, reading, etc

Thus, American airlines assistance for the elderly is required to inform American Airlines of their specific needs at the time of booking or before their flight to ensure the best possible experience.

American airlines wheelchair assistance cost

American Airlines does not charge any cost. The airline offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who need it, free of charge. The airline understands that traveling can be challenging, especially for those with mobility issues, and it aims to make the experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. American Airline staff are trained to assist passengers with mobility challenges and provides them with the necessary support through their journey. 

It is important to gather that the American airlines wheelchair assistance cost is zero. This service is provided to all passengers who need it, regardless of the type of ticket they hold or the destination they are traveling to. This policy is in line with America Airlines, to provide free and equal assistance to passengers with disabilities. 

Things to know about the American Airlines Special Assistance

  • If you self-identify as a disabled passenger who needs assistance to board the plane, then the airline must allow the passenger to board before the other passengers.  
  • If you request to stop the bathroom on your way to a departing flight, the airline representative assisting you is required to stop. 
  • If the elderly passenger wants special assistance at the airport or during the onboarding time, then the airline will provide the assistance hassle-free.

Bottom line 

Requesting wheelchair assistance can sometimes be complicated. However, when booking your flight, you can request wheelchair assistance by calling the American Airlines special assistance phone number. You can also request assistance during the booking process on their website or through a travel agent. 

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