How do i speak to someone at Air canada?


If you don’t know how to talk to someone at Air Canada, it is important to know the methods to connect with the customer representatives and also learn the ways to start the conversation with them without facing any difficulty. There are so many ways to contact them and start talking to them in a polite manner to share your problem with them at any time.

Methods of Contacting the Air Canada customer service live agent

Through the helpline number

  • For any type of urgent doubts, you can call on the Air canada phone number 1 (888) 247-2262 . The helpline number of the Air Canada attends call 24x7 hence you can reach out to the customer care team at any point.
  • All you have to do is dial the number, press one digit that will connect the call to the concerned department and you can share your grievances with the customer support team of the airline. Moreover, you can reach out to the customer care team of Air Canada as many times as you want to.

Via dropping a text or email

If the call does not connect on the Air Canada phone number then you also have the alternative to drop an email on the support id as shown below. The customer support team of Air Canada will reach out on your support id by reverting to the same email.

Contact Air Canada customer service live agent:

If you need to speak to someone at Air Canada customer service you need to dial 1-888-247-2262 phone number. To talk with an agent, you require to press 1 (for service in English), next press 2 (to speak with an agent regarding an existing reservation), later than press 4 (for further questions), and wait on the line.

Given below is Air Canada phone system as shown:

  • If your travel plans have been canceled by coronavirus COVID-19 press 1.
  • To speak with a live agent regarding an existing reservation press 2.
  • For air travel arrival and departure info press 3.
  • For a new booking as well as the use of a flight path, promo code, or credit compact problem press 4.
  • To hear these alternatives again press 9.

Air Canada live chat support

You can also select an Air Canada customer service online chat with a live person who will provide you immediate guidance and support to find the best flight booking service as per the destinations instantly at any time. Visit here: (red button showing at the bottom)

Air Canada Social Networks Support

Air Canada email address as shown:

  • Support for the duration of travel:
  • Post-travel support:
  • Business email:

Check out some specific Air Canada customer service options as shown below:-

Air Canada Contact info Customer Service

  • Regarding hearing impaired (TTY) reservations you should dial 1-800-361-8071.
  • For concerns with an assistive technology tool, you need to dial 1-844-347-4268.
  • Regarding Star Alliance Conventions Plus you need to phone up at 1-800-361-7585 (toll-free).
  • For password assistance, you require to dial 1-866-689-8080 (toll-free).
  • For nominal matters, security code (PIN) reset or balance inquiries you require dialing 1-855-281-1761.
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