How can you upgrade from LOT?

With LOT airline, you can upgrade when you have completed the booking process there, and you get the notification of an upgrade that you can make an upgrade or through the managed booking option. And for the manage booking, you can check out the steps which have been stated here:-

  • Go to the LOT airline official page on your internet browser, or you can open the LOT mobile application.
  • You have the manage booking option on the official page, besides the book option.
  • After that, you have to enter your booking reference number and the surname of the flier, and then tap on the following icon.
  • When the next page opens, then on the right side, you get the upgrade option. Tap on that
  • Now select the part where you want to upgrade
  • And when you have chosen the section, you have to make an offer any hot on the submit.
  • Then the airline will decide whether you get the upgrade or not. If you do, you will receive the confirmation in your mail 72 to 48 hours before the flight departs.

LOT upgrade policy

After booking the flight, you are looking for the upgrade, and then you can check the LOT polish upgrade polish. 

  • You have to purchase a LOT of economy class or LOT premium economy tickets to make an up-gradation.
  • You can upgrade before 72 hours of flight departure.
  • You cannot make an upgrade if you are traveling with children whose age is two years or when you have made a group booking of nine people, or if a flight booking is not completed.
  •  The LOT upgrade will also not include the flight price or the destination. It will only charge for upgrades.
  • When you have made the up-gradation bid or paid for the up-gradation, then you cannot ask for a refund and cancel the amount.
  • You can upgrade the seat by using the miles also.
  • If you made the reservation with less than nine people, the up-gradation would be done. You cannot make the sign up-gradation

What is the cost of an upgrade in LOT?

As in LOT airline, the up-gradation made by placing a bid and then LOT polish upgrade cost will depend on how much you can place for the bid. Still, if you are looking for the round figure number, it can be around 250 dollars, but it is not the specific amount that is a placid bid for the amount you can upgrade. The LOT gives a chance to its passenger to decide the price for an upgrade, so submit your offer carefully.

When can you upgrade to business class in LOT?

Mostly, people get stuck with what type of offer they can submit the offer that they are eligible for. To submit an offer depends on the type of fare you are carrying and the route you are traveling on. When you have a LOT economy ticket, you can upgrade to business class on short-haul flights and upgrade in long routes flights, and you should have the LOT premium economy ticket. So following are the criteria for LOT Airlines upgrade to Business Class. 

Hence, if you find any information that is difficult to get, you can also get the LOT airline customer service.

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