How to upgrade my seat on Delta?

What is the seat upgrade cost of Delta Airlines?

Delta Airlines is known to provide a flexible seat upgrade policy that can help you make your journey even more luxurious. If you also need to take a seat upgrade, you might have to pay some charges for the upgrade if you do it after the decided time. 

The seat upgrade cost varies between $50 to $350, depending on your covering miles. It is easy to proceed with the Delta Airlines seat upgrade as the airline has introduced several effective methods. Stay connected with the article if you need to know efficient seat upgrade methods. 

Methods of upgrading seats at Delta

You can upgrade your seat in several ways, depending on when you think of the upgrade. Take a look at the seat upgrade information given below and act as per your suitability-

At the time of booking

  • The best time to look for a seat upgrade is during the booking.
  • You can use your Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, or Comfort+ to get an upgrade on your reservation.
  • Ensure that the ticket you buy qualifies the eligibility criteria, and once you select an eligible itinerary that qualifies for the upgrade, you get the option in the Trip Summary.

After you book a flight

  • For the travelers who are wondering, can you upgrade seats on Delta after booking? The answer is a YES; Delta Airlines allows you to upgrade even after booking a flight.
  • Delta's official website or the Fly Delta app can help you upgrade your seat in real-time.
  • Also, if you cannot upgrade the seat on your own after the booking, you can try contacting Delta Airlines Reservations.

Use Upgrade Certificates

  • Delta Airlines leverages its Delta Diamond and Platinum Medallion Members with Upgrade Certificates.
  • Upgrade your seats using these certificates for domestic and international flights.
  • But, you can only use the certificate if your ticket qualifies for the upgrade, so you must confirm before making any upgrade.

Medallion Members

  • If you are a medallion member on Delta Airlines, you can make as many complimentary seat upgrades as you want to First Class and Delta Comfort+.
  • Using your medallion certificate, you can make the upgrade for a travel companion.
  • Also, you are allowed to make the seat upgrade only if you are traveling to or from the USA, Mexico, Caribbean, Bermuda, Central America, and Northern South America.

Get quick support via Delta airlines customer service 

  • You can contact the Delta Airlines customer service team to help you get a seat upgrade.
  • The executives might demand flight credentials like the booking number and passenger's full name to process the seat upgrade.
  • Then, executives check the seat upgrade eligibility and complete the procedure by confirming the upgrade in the email.

The Delta Airlines seat upgrade cost, originally, depends on the type of fare you have selected and the miles your flight will cover. So, it is suggested that you check the seat upgrade eligibility first before visiting the site and moving on with the formalities. However, if you face any technical glitches or are stuck with the seat upgrade, you can contact the Delta Airlines customer center to help you out!

Types of Miles Upgrade in Delta Airlines

  • Medallion Elite status
  • Fare class
  • Delta Reserve card members
  • Delta Corporate travelers

And that’s how you can do Delta upgrade seat in Delta Airlines using your miles. And if in case you have any other doubt, then you can contact the customer care team of the airline to upgrade your seat. Once you call or mail them, they will reach out to you in no time.

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