How do I use my voucher on Turkish airlines?

Turkish Airlines provides vouchers to its passengers from time to time. You will get a voucher if your flight is canceled or delayed. In any of these cases, you get the option to choose between a refund and vouchers. If you want to use a Turkish airline voucher, then you have to be aware of the terms and conditions of the vouchers. You can use this voucher for multiple purposes. You can use it for booking your flight with Turkish Airlines or also buying stuff from their merchant partners. You can follow the given instructions to know about the terms and conditions of vouchers:

Terms and conditions of vouchers of Turkish Airlines

  • Vouchers are valid for a limited time. The validity of Turkish Airlines vouchers is valid for a period of two years.
  • The vouchers of Turkish Airlines will be generated in the name of the passenger who holds the original ticket.
  • You cannot ask for a refund in exchange for the vouchers. They cannot be canceled at any point in time.
  • You can redeem your vouchers by going to the website of Turkish Airlines or with the help of the customer service of Turkish Airlines.
  • You can only buy a ticket with your vouchers. Other services are not available like shopping etc.
  • If the voucher's value is insufficient to make the payment of your booking, then you must use your credit card or other payment options to pay the remaining amount.
  • You cannot pay the charge of applicable taxes on your fare with a voucher. You have to use another payment source to pay the taxes on your fare.
  • If you get a voucher due to domestic flight cancellation, you cannot use it to book international flights. Similarly, vouchers obtained due to the cancellation of international flights cannot be used to book domestic flights with Turkish Airlines.

If you look at the terms and conditions of the Vouchers, it looks a bit stringent. There is no option to get a refund in exchange for vouchers. If you look at the Turkish airlines voucher rules, you can neither transfer your voucher. Even the usage of vouchers is very limited. You cannot use your voucher other than booking your ticket with Turkish Airlines.

How can one use the vouchers of Turkish Airlines?

You can only use your voucher to book a flight with Turkish Airlines. Other than that, there is no use for the vouchers. You cannot use your vouchers for booking hotels, cars or for shopping. You can follow the given instructions to use your voucher to book a ticket with Turkish Airlines:

  • Open the website of Turkish Airlines
  • Now fill in the required credentials like the place of origin, place of destination, and the date and select "Search."
  • Now book a ticket according to your time preference and make the payment.
  • You must select "Pay using a Voucher" in the payment option."
  • Now put in the details of the voucher and make the payment.

This is a good way to book your ticket with the help of a voucher. You have to also look at the validity of your vouchers as they are only valid for two years. If you look at the Turkish airlines voucher policy, you will feel that it is not as flexible and customer-friendly as other airlines used to have. They have opted for a stringent voucher policy.

How long are Turkish Airlines vouchers valid?

  • The vouchers from Turkish Airlines are valid for two years.
  • You cannot extend its validity if it expires.
  • During the Covid times, Turkish Airlines extended the validity of the vouchers. But ever since the condition has been improved, they have stopped extending the validity of the vouchers.

The terms and conditions of vouchers are not very friendly. However, the validity of the voucher offered by Turkish Airlines is way more than the validity offered by other Airlines. Apart from this, there are no other terms of the policy that can be considered customer-friendly. If you are looking for a Turkish airlines voucher refund, then you must be aware of the fact they do not provide any refund in return for the vouchers. You cannot even transfer your vouchers in the name of other passengers

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