Know everything about Avianca seat upgrade

Generally, upgrading on Avianca will charge additional fares from the passengers; therefore, you are searching to upgrade on Avianca Airlines free of cost, but there's no guaranteed way to get a free Avianca upgrade on Avianca as per the Avianca policy. However, some strategies increase your chances of getting the upgrade quickly, so consider the following things.

Through Elite Status:

Join LifeMiles: This is Avianca's loyalty program. While free to join, reaching the higher tiers that offer complimentary upgrades (Gold, Diamond, Diamond Plus) requires significant flying activity or credit card spending linked to the program.

Earn Elite Status: Consider aiming for Gold or Diamond status, depending on your travel frequency. These offer complimentary space-available upgrades on confirmed bookings 48 hours before departure. Diamond Plus offers priority for those upgrades, too.

Using Miles:

Upgrade with LifeMiles: You can use accumulated to bid on Avianca upgrade with miles for specific flights. Prices vary depending on route, demand, and remaining seats. Monitor availability closer to your travel date for better deals.

Check-in online 24 hours prior: Sometimes, gate agents might offer upgrades to open seats to passengers already checked in. Be polite if this happens.

Travel during off-peak times: Flights with less demand are likelier to have empty seats in Business Class, increasing your upgrade chances.

Credit card promotions: Some Avianca co-branded credit cards offer occasional upgrade certificates or priority upgrade opportunities

How much is an Avianca mile worth? 

The value of an Avianca LifeMile can vary depending on how you redeem it, but generally speaking, it's worth around 1.2 cents each. However, there are some additional details to remember about it:

  • It is a baseline value, and getting more value out of your miles is possible by finding good redemption options. For example, some redemptions on Star Alliance partners, especially for business or first-class travel, can offer significantly more value than 1.2 cents per mile.

  • Avianca occasionally runs sales on LifeMiles, where you can buy them for as low as 1.3 to 1.35 cents per mile. It can be a marvelous opportunity to stock up on miles if you have a specific redemption in mind.

  • Buying miles is generally not recommended, as earning them through flying, credit cards, or other methods is usually cheaper. However, buying them during a sale could be a good option if you're just a few miles short of an award you want.

Can I transfer my Avianca miles to United?

You cannot transfer your Avianca LifeMiles directly to United MileagePlus miles. However, there are a couple of alternative options you can consider:

Book United flights with Avianca LifeMiles:

Avianca and United are members of the Star Alliance, allowing you to use your LifeMiles to book award flights on United (and other Star Alliance airlines).

This can be an excellent option for shorter domestic United flights, as Avianca often offers significantly lower redemption rates than United for these trips.

Be aware that Avianca's booking options and flexibility for United flights may be limited compared to booking directly with United miles.

Use a points transfer service:

Services like allow transferring points and miles between various programs, including Avianca LifeMiles and United MileagePlus.

However, the transfer ratios are usually unfavorable, meaning you'll likely receive fewer United miles than the number of Avianca miles you transfer.

This option may only be worthwhile if you have a specific need for Book Avianca with United miles and are willing to accept the loss in value.

Earn United miles directly:

If you primarily want to fly with United, consider earning United miles directly rather than trying to convert your Avianca miles.

You can do this by flying with United or its Star Alliance partners, using co-branded credit cards, or conveying points from additional loyalty programs that partner with United.

What is the difference between Premium and Plus seats on Avianca? 

Both Premium and Plus seats on Avianca offer more comfort and amenities compared to Avianca upgrade to premium, so learn about it:


  • Located in the first three rows of the aircraft.

  • Wider seat, central console with individual compartments, power plug, USB port, and more recline.

  • Not yet available on all Avianca flights, as the airline is still reconfiguring its fleet.

  • More expensive than Plus seats.


  • We are located between rows 4 and 14, closer to the front of the aircraft.

  • Adjustable headrest with six positions, independent stand for personal electronic devices, USB ports, and recline.

  • Currently available on most Avianca flights.

  • They are more expensive than Economy seats but less expensive than Premium seats.

Do you earn United miles on Avianca?

You can earn United MileagePlus miles on Avianca flights as long as they are eligible. Here's what you need to know:

  • MileagePlus members can earn both award miles and Premier qualifying credits.

  • The fare class you purchase: Higher fare classes generally earn more miles.

  • Elite members earn bonus miles.

  • It provides your MileagePlus number when booking your flight. This applies if you purchased your ticket directly from Avianca or a connecting partner.

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