How long does it take Aer Lingus to refund?

Aer Lingus is a flag carrier of Ireland by the Irish government, which provides various types of services, including Aer Lingus refund, to their customers; if you have booked your flight with this Airline and due to a sudden change in the plan, you are willing to make the cancellation, Airline will provide you a refund shortly after you have canceled your booking, there are several ways through which to can get a refund for your Aer Lingus flight, but before preceding further with the process go through the policy of the Airline which is cited in the below points:-

Get Familiar with Aer Lingus refund policy 

Before going further with the refund process, read the Aer Lingus refund policy points to understand the terms and conditions of the Airline and get acknowledgment. To get the information read the steps that are mentioned below:-

  • If you have canceled your reserved flight within 24 hours, only you will be eligible for a refund from the Airline.
  • After deducting the cancellation fee, you will receive a refund if you have canceled your flight after the risk-free hours.
  • When there is a delay in the flight or if the Airline cancels your flight, you will get a full refund for your flight from the Airline.
  • If you booked your tickets through the Travel Agent, you need to contact the Agent for a refund; the Airline will not consider you for the process.
  • If you have canceled your flight due to medical illness or any family issue, then the Airline might provide you with a refund. Still, you are requested to submit the medical documents to the representative of the Airline.

The process to get a refund from Aer Lingus

There are specific ways through which you can speak to the Airline representative regarding your refund for your canceled flight. To know the method of the process, focus on the information that is mentioned below:-

Get a refund through a phone call.

You can contact the executive of the Airline and get an Aer Lingus refund voucher for your canceled flight, and this is the most convenient mode through which you can speak to the representative regarding your queries; follow the below steps to know the process:-

  • Dial the customer service number of Aer Lingus 1 (800) 474-7424.
  • Choose the language as per your comfort.
  • To make a reservation for your flight, press 1.
  • For flight cancellation, press 2.
  • To change your flight, press 4.
  • For the check-in process, press 5.
  • Then your call will connect with to representative.
  • Provide your flight information to him.
  • He will help you with the cancellation of your flight.
  • Then you will proceed with the refund process.
  • Airlie will provide you with a refund after deducting the cancellation fee.
  • Later, you will receive a confirmation message on your device.

Get the refund through the website.
If you have not reached the Airline customer support through the call process, you can reach the representative and get your refund for your canceled flight through the website. To know this online method, obey the steps cited beneath:-

  • Land on the official website of Aer Lingus from your device
  • Then tap on the “manage trip” bar.
  • Scroll down and enter your family name and booking reference.
  • Then click on the “flight cancel” tap and continue.
  • Mention all your flight details in space.
  • Then you will land on the payment mode.
  • Make the payment for your flight cancellation.
  • Then choose the mode in which you want your refund 
  • Later, you will receive a refund from the Airline. 

Can I get a refund on an Aer Lingus voucher? 

 When you cancel your nonrefundable flight then, the Airline provides you a refund in the form of a voucher, which is of the same amount; you can put up an Aer Lingus refund voucher request to the Airline for your canceled flight through the website, or you can also call at the customer service of Aer Lingus. The ticket cancellation voucher which you will receive will be minus the cancellation fee, and then later, you can use the refund voucher to book your next flight with the Airline; if you have any queries, then you can contact the representative of the Airline and get the assistance for the refund process.

How long does an Aer Lingus refund voucher last?

After canceling your Aer Lingus flight, you will receive a refund in the form of a voucher of the same price, but after the deduction of the cancellation charges, then you can use that voucher while making the next reservation for your flight, Aer Lingus refund time for the voucher lasts for 5 years, as you can use them within the mentioned period. If you have any queries regarding your refund voucher, you can talk to the executive of Aer Lingus, and he will help you with your issues. Or you can visit the Airport and communicate with the live person available there.

With the above information, you must have the Idea of the refund process and its policy; if you have any questions, you can contact the customer support the Airline by calling their customer helpline number. Then they will guide you with the method. 

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