How Long Does Air France Take to Process a Refund to its Customers?

Have you cancelled your reservations with Air France wish to claim a refund but have no clue about the refund duration? Then, you find details shared in this article and manage their reservations in time. If needed, the traveler can feel free to contact the Air France customer service.

How Much Time Does Air France Take to offer a Refund?

For travelers who have queries in how much time does Air France refund is processed? As per the airline policy, once the refund request is submitted, the traveler will get a refund within one week or ten business days in the original form of payment.

Besides, if the passenger fails to get a refund, travelers can reach out to the airline customer service and resolve their refund-related queries in time.

General Refund Guidelines of Air France

For travelers who are planning to claim a refund from Air France, it is needed that they have complete information about the refund guidelines of the airline. So, to help travelers, here are the main points of the refund policy.

  • The travelers can get a full refund from Air France when they cancel their reservations within 24 hours of the booking.
  • For Air France reservations cancelled outside the 24-hour slab, a cancellation fee will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • The travelers can submit the refund request one year from the ticket purchase.

Thus, these are the general refund guidelines of Air France. But, with time, there have been some amendments in the policy. So, travelers finding details on the refund policy due to covid-19 can go through the details shared and manage their reservations in time.

Air France Refund Policy Due to COVID-19

As per recent updates in the Air France refund policy due to covid-19, trip confirmed before and after 31st March 2022, and the travelers can claim a refund anytime. And those who have confirmed a non-refundable booking will get a valid voucher for a year.

Refund Provisions of Air France for Cancelled Flights

And for travelers whose flight has been cancelled and are finding details on Air France refund policy for cancelled flights, here are the pointers that would help travelers manage their reservations efficiently.

  • When the traveler's flight is cancelled on the part of the airline, then the traveler can claim a refund from the airline.
  • Further, in such situations, the traveler will get a voucher of the total amount from the airline that the traveler can use for future flights.

Still, if the traveler has queries regarding refund, they can reach out to the airline customer service.


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