How many hours before we can check-in for Etihad Airways?

Have you booked tickets for your travel to your favorite destination where you have wanted to go for a very long time with Etihad Airways? If yes, you must know that to board a flight, it is very important to go through some airlines you cannot directly get on the flight with your flight ticket. The very first step is the Etihad airways check in this step is very important. One cannot board their flight without checking in. the steps to board the flight are:

  • As you have read above, the very first step is to check-in
  • after check-in, passengers are supposed to get the boarding pass 
  • And then go to the baggage drop desk to give away their luggage.
  • After that, security checks yourself and your cabin bag.
  • Lastly, after all the formalities, you can board the flight.

If you want to know how to check-in and when to check in in detail, then be on this page only and read about it from this page. 

Etihad airways check-in time for a flight

Suppose your departure flight date is near, and wants to know when to check-in for your flight. Don't worry; here, you can find the check-in times for all the ways of offline and online methods. 

Web check-in time for Etihad airways: 

If you want to do a check for your flight by visiting the website of airlines, then you can check in forty-two hours to two hours before the flight's departure if you have booked an international flight, and for a domestic flight, the passenger should check in twenty-four hours to one hour before the flight's departure.

Mobile check-in time for Etihad airways: 

If you're running late for your flight, you can do the check-in for yourself by using the application of Etihad airlines. The Etihad Airways check-in time for domestic flights is from one day to thirty minutes from the departure, and for international flights, it is two days before to an hour before the flight's departure.

Check-in time for the kiosk for a flight: 

If you have visited the airport and want to check-in for your flight, then the closing and opening times for it are given below:

  • For international routes, timings are six hours to 1 hour before the closing of the flight's door
  • And for domestic routes, timings are two hours to 30 minutes before closing the flight's door.

Check-in time for flight through phone call: for international destinations, the check-in time is forty-two hours to one hour before the flight's departure, and for domestic destinations, it is twenty-four hours to forty minutes before the flight's departure.

Check-in time for Etihad flight through the ticket counter: a passenger can check-in for their flight by visiting the ticket counter at the airport. If you are traveling on an international flight, you must check-in between four and two hours; if your flight is domestic, you should check in between three and one hours.

Home check-in time for the flight: if you have opted for a home check, you must book an appointment between twenty-four and seven hours before your flight's door closing time. And who will come to your place for check-in will take your luggage, do your Etihad airways check-in baggage, and give you a baggage tag.

How to check-in for your Etihad Airways flight?

Airlines provide many ways for passengers to check-in for their flights. After reading the points mentioned above, you have understood the timings. If you don't know how to check-in, you can read and follow the steps.

Mobile application check-in: if you want to do the check-in for your flight via the mobile application, then the very first step id download the application of the airline and login into your account; after that, you can follow the steps given below:

  • Go to "my bookings" and look for your flight ticket 
  • Open the ticket and click on the "check-in" option on the page
  • Add extra baggage or do a seat upgrade; pay for it
  • After paying, click on yes on a check box to confirm your check-in. 
  • Lastly, check your registered mail id for a boarding pass.

Website check-in: if your device does not have enough space to download the application, you can check-in by visiting the airline's website.

  • Open the airlines' website and navigate towards the manage option on the menu bar.
  • And click the check-in option and enter your booking number, ticket reference number, Etihad guest number, and last name. 
  • After entering the details, click "check-in," and if you want any service, add it and make the payment.
  • Lastly, download your boarding pass.

A passenger can self-check-in at the airport by visiting the kiosk center and entering your booking reference number or Etihad guest number and passenger's last name and then selecting the check-in button. After that, if you carry any extra baggage, add extra baggage service and pay for the Etihad airways check-in baggage price. After payment, print your boarding pass and move forward for baggage drop and security check-in.

Check-in via phone call service: a passenger can take help from the customer support of the airlines. All you have to do is visit the airline's website, the help page, choose your city from the list, and dia the given number. Share the required information with an air gap on the call and ask them to check-in for you. If you want to add any special service, you can add it and make the payment on the link sent to your registered mobile number. Lastly, save a copy of the boarding pass sent to you in PDF form.

Ticket counter check-in: you cannot just only book a flight ticket through ticket but also check-in for the flight. Tell the porter to do a check-in for you. Share your booking ID number, Etihad guest number, and passenger's last name to the porter, who will check-in for you. If you are carrying a piece of extra luggage or a bag, add the extra baggage service and pay for it through cash, cheque, credit, or debit card. Collect your boarding pass, move to the bag drop center, and then for security check-in. After security, you can board your flight.

Home check-in: if you don't want any inconvenience from doing all the formalities, then you can opt for home check in. it means a porter from the airlines will come to your place. If you want to know how this works, then read the points given below:

  • Book an appointment for check-in twenty-four to seven hours before the flight's departure. The service timings are from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM.
  • The porter will come to your palace and verify all the documents, check-in for your flight, collect your bags and give you a boarding pass and tags for the bag.
  • After all, this is done, you can leave for your flight without standing in long queues and waiting for your turn. Move straight towards the security check and then to your flight gate.
  • Collect your bags from the destination airport.

Etihad airways check-in baggage allowance

The check-in baggage allowance is not the same for all the passengers. It depends on the cabin type and type of ticket you have purchased. Etihad airways check-in baggage size and weight for the economic class is 

  • The number of bags: 1 piece
  • Maximum weight: 32 kg
  • Maximum size: 44 cm x 71 cm x 92 cm

Checked-in baggage allowance for first-class or pearl business class is

  • A number of bags: 2 piece
  • Maximum size: 44 cm x 71 cm x 92 cm
  • Maximum weight: 40kgs/piece


  • A flight cannot be canceled after getting the boarding pass. If you did not show up for your flight, airlines would mark you as a" no show" at boarding time.
  • For Qatar's Air shuttle, you need to reach the point 20 minutes before the flight's departure time.
  • If you have checked in for your flight online, don't forget to have a hard copy of your boarding pass.
  • Minor passengers are not eligible for check-in without any assistance.
  • If the aircraft's pilot permits you, you can only get the boarding pass after check-in.

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