How much luggage can I take on Avianca?

Suppose you are flying with Avianca, and you are concerned about how much luggage you are permitted to take or what can be the Avianca baggage policy so you can estimate an idea about their baggage carrying allowance. However, Avianca has a flexible baggage policy compared to other airlines. So, to know its policy or the luggage you can take on Avianca, below is a detailed discussion about the same; please have a look:

Carry on baggage

  • If you are flying with Avianca, you are allowed to carry one personal item (for example, a Camera, blanket, Laptop, Computer, etc.) and one carry-on bag.
  • And ensure you do not exceed the carry-on bag weight of more than 10 KG, and its size must be 115 CM.
  • If you exceed the limits, the airline will impose certain taxes and fees to enhance the overall ticket cost.

Checked Baggage

  • You can take two pieces of baggage if you have a business-class ticket. And its dimension must be 158 CM with a maximum weight of 32 KG. 

  • For Economy class ticket holders, 2 pieces of luggage with the dimension 158 CM. Always remember the weight of your bags must not exceed more than 23 KG. If exceeded, you may incur additional fare to the airline as determined by the airline.
  • There may be amendments to the limits of carrying baggage. If you have any query about their baggage policy, you must contact the airline's customer executive to clarify this.

What baggage is included with Avianca?

Passengers always raise a question from across the globe about the inclusion of baggage with Avianca. So, if you want to know about the luggage, you are suggested to read out the points mentioned below that will clear all your doubts and questions related to the same, and your packing process will become more accessible without any hassle; have a look:

Economy Class

Suppose you are flying in Economy Class with Avianca and want to inquire which baggage is included as far as Economy class is concerned. You are suggested to read out the points mentioned below to clear all your queries:

  • Carry-on Baggage- You can take two pieces of luggage onboard, and more than that, there are separate charges imposed by the airline. And make sure to carry 23 KG of weight.

  • One personal item- You are also permitted to carry one personal item on board, and that must be enough to be kept near your seat. If you do not follow the baggage policy, you may be denied to carry items on board, or you may have to pay an additional fare to the airline.
  • Purchase Extra baggage- You can also book additional baggage services from the airline, where you will be asked to pay an additional fee.

Business Class

Some passengers plan to book their flight with Avianca and prefer booking business class. Along with it, they are offered additional services, extra baggage services, and many other things. You are suggested to read out the points mentioned below to get your answer:

  • You can carry 32 kg of baggage onboard for free, and its weight must not exceed 158 CM.
  • In case you ever wonder about Avianca baggage allowance, you are suggested to get in touch with the customer executive of the airline to get an idea about the same.

How much is the baggage fee for Avianca?

Suppose you are flying with Avianca and are very concerned about Avianca baggage price, so you are suggested to look at the points mentioned below that will help you prepare all the bags. Please have a look:

  • Overweight Bag - If your bag is between 23 KG and 32 KG, your bag will be considered overweight, and the airline will charge $55-$65. If the weight goes between 32 KG to 45 KG, you will be charged $100 for each bag.

  • Oversize bag - if your baggage's dimension is between 62-90.5KG, you will incur an extra $100/bag.
  • Excess baggage- If you have luggage that weighs 23 KG and dimensions 158 cm, you will be charged $125 for the first bag and $200 for any other additional bag.
  • Other baggage- Suppose you have sports equipment and musical instruments to carry onboard; you must adhere to the airline's specific terms and conditions. You have to follow them because if you exceed the limits, you will indeed be required to incur a fee.

Does Avianca check carry-on bags?

Planning a trip does not mean you are done with your planning; the most crucial thing before planning is knowing whether Avianca checks carry-on bags. You are suggested to go through the points mentioned below to get your answer related to the same. Please look at them:

  • The airline permits all passengers to carry a maximum weight of 10 KG, and its dimensions must be below 55CMx35CMx25CM. If it exceeds, the airline will indeed impose certain charges to compensate.

  • You can also purchase additional baggage by visiting the airline's official website or contacting the airline on their phone number, and customer assistance will be provided to provide answers.

How much does Avianca charge for extra baggage?

To provide a piece of information to all the passengers that Avianca baggage charges are imposed upon exceeding baggage limits as set by the airline. And if you want to know the costs imposed by the airline for extra baggage, you are advised to read out the points mentioned below; and you will have a brief idea about the same:

  • If you are carrying extra baggage with Avianca on Domestic Flight, the prices that are charged by the airline begin from $100 and can go up to $250. (This price range may vary from time to time and class to class on Domestic flights. 
  • If you have an International flight with Avianca and want to add extra baggage to your journey, the price range starts from $125 and can go up to $300, and the price range may be based on the number of bags, routes, class of flight, etc. 
  • Suppose you are looking forward to adding extra baggage; you can do so by visiting the airline's official website. 
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