How can I book a ticket for a pregnant lady for Delta airlines?

When you are traveling with any airline then, there are some rules and regulations that need to be followed by the passengers. Especially for pregnant ladies, the guidelines are very strict as most airlines do need certain documents to allow you to travel. While traveling with Delta Airlines, then you must have proper knowledge about the Delta airlines pregnancy policy and make sure you follow them carefully.

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Rules and Guidelines of Delta airlines for pregnant ladies

Delta is an Atlanta-based carrier that does not impose any restrictions on flying for pregnant women; hence no medical certificate is required while traveling to any destination. But according to Delta airlines international pregnancy policy, it is highly recommended for such travelers to seek a doctor's advice before their journey. It must be noted that airlines will not ignore your ticket change fares and penalties in case of pregnancy. 

How many weeks pregnant can you fly with Delta? 

Delta allows you to fly up to 27 weeks of pregnancy without any restrictions, and after that, if there are no medical issues or complications in the delivery, then they can travel even up to 35 weeks, but it is highly recommended to seek your doctor's opinion before planning your journey. It is wise to avoid traveling in the final month of the pregnancy as well as seven to ten days after pregnancy. If you are traveling immediately after delivery, then you must follow Delta Airlines infant policies to carry your little one.

Delta general policies for pregnant travelers: All female passengers who are confused about their journey with Delta during pregnancy can go through the following policies:

  • Since Delta does not impose many restrictions on such travelers they need not worry about providing the medical certificate before their journey.
  • According to delta airlines policy on pregnant passengers, the use of seat belts is compulsory even for expectant mothers; you can request an extended belt.
  • The passengers can book a seat with extra legroom for their comfort by visiting the official website of Delta.

The procedure for pregnant women before booking a Delta flight

Some of the important points that must be taken care of while making a reservation in case you are pregnant to make your journey tension free are given below:

  • You can book your flight by visiting the official Delta website or calling the airline and letting them know your preference & requesting them to arrange any medical assistance during your journey.
  • You must book aisle seats for easy movement or access the lavatories fast in case of any emergencies.
  • While booking your flight, you can fill out the special assistance form if you need any extra privileges during your journey.
  • If you have any medical complications and you need your doctor to accompany you, then you must contact the customer care service of the airline at the time of making a reservation itself to permit your request under considering it as a case of special circumstance.

Points to be taken care of before boarding: Though unexpected situations can happen at any time, it is always better to take care of some of the basic things that can make a huge impact on your comfort during the journey.

  • Try to avoid wearing tight and fitted clothes; instead, opt for loose & comfortable outfits.
  • Always stay well hydrated.
  • Do not consume any drinks or gas-producing meals before your flight.
  • If you are visiting a long distance, then at least stand and walk a little after every hour to avoid cramps or swelling.
  • You must seek help from flight attendants in case of any discomfort or uneasiness.
  • If you have any queries regarding your journey, then you can reach the customer care services of Delta anytime before your departure and get your issue resolved.
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