How much baggage is allowed in Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines follows strict weight and size guidelines. The dimensions can't be more than 203 cm, including the length, weight, and height. Free Allowance for standard baggage is offered by the airline as per japan airlines baggage rules

  • Economy/ Premium Economy class: 2 pieces of 23 kg each. 
  • First/ Business class: 3 pieces of 32 kg each.
  • Infant traveling: when a seat is bought, you are entitled to a free baggage allowance based on your fare. If you decide not to buy any seat, the airline offers you 1 piece of checked luggage. 

The airline offers more extra space for the JGC members. Check the permit shared below: 

  • Economy/ Premium Economy class: 3 prices of 32 kg each. 
  • First/ Business class: 4 pieces of 32 kg each.

Moreover, baby strollers, carriages, and child seats are handled as checked baggage without any charge. Checked baggage may be refused when it isn't appropriately maintained, like baggage holding multiple pieces can't be counted as one. 

Pet and equipment: the airline won't deny carrying pets and equipment, but these aren't included in the free baggage allowance. Hence, you need to pay extra to bring these objects to your desired destination. 

What is the 2pc baggage allowance for Japan Airlines? 

When "2PC" is mentioned in your ticket, it suggests that passengers are allowed to carry two pieces of luggage that can contain a weight of up to 23 kg each. Suppose your reservation is marked as "3PC," which indicates a 23 kg weight for each piece, and 3 pieces are allowed. 

How many bags can you bring on Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines allows you to carry on and check baggage. Regardless of fare, travelers can have a carry-on bag onboard that can possess personal belongings like a shopping bag or handbag, besides checked bags but at most 10 kg according to the Japan Airlines carry-on baggage weight

Carry-on bag dimension

  • Size: W: within 55cm×H: within 40cm×D: within 25cm
  • Weight: Within 10kg (22lbs)

Passengers need to store the bags under the seat or in overhead compartments for safety concerns. Suppose you discover that your baggage is oversized and overweight and can't fit in the cabin. It must be carried in a cargo compartment as checked baggage at the boarding gate or cabin. 

Japan Airlines baggage restrictions state that electronic devices in your checked baggage need to be switched off, and valuables can't be included in the checked baggage. Ensure you don't have any restricted items in your carry-on bag or checked baggage. 

How many kg of baggage is allowed by Japan Airlines? 

Generally, Japan Airlines baggage allowance permits 23 kg and 32 kg baggage weight for international and domestic flights. However, the limit can be exceeded as Japan Airlines allows you to carry excess baggage. The additional charges are applied. Check the instructions shared below if you need extra space: 

  • The maximum number of bags that can be carried is free-checked luggage plus 7 bags. So the First and Business class passengers can carry around 10 bags, whereas Premium Economy and Economy class are allowed 9 bags.
  • The total checked baggage load must not be more than 45kg. 

How much is overweight baggage on Japan Airlines? 

To avail of the services, you need to pay around $ 200 for an additional bag. Overweight can cost you $100 if it exceeds 23 kg up to 32 kg. Passengers have to spend more if it exceeds 32 kg up to 45 kg, considering paying $ 600. The price may differ based on the destination, fare, and date. 

How much weight can you hand carry-on Japan Airlines?

Passengers' carry-on bags should not be over 10 kg. In case it exceeds will be treated as checked baggage. And the size can be 115 cm according to the Japan Airlines baggage policies. 

Does Japan Airlines compensate for the lost baggage? 

The airline handles the baggage carefully and safely returns the bags and items to their owner. However, if your luggage is misplaced, you need to report it within 7 days of the baggage receipt being issued. This doesn't include the perished items like musical instruments and sports gear, which can be golf clubs, surfboards and windsurfing pottery, and glass products. 

If the lost and found office is unable to search for your misplaced items within 30 to 45 days from your arrival time, you will be compensated by Japan Airlines. 

How to apply for Japan Airlines baggage claim?  

To apply for compensation for delayed and missing items, flyers need to follow the simple steps: 

  • Visit the website of the airline. 
  • Go to the Baggage section. 
  • Choose from lost or damaged bags. 
  • Fill out the details and hit the submit button. 

Moreover, you can visit the lost and found office at the airport to report your case. A live representative will help you through the process. However, when baggage is lost at the airport, you must consult the authorities. 

Are pets allowed on Japan Airlines as checked baggage?

The free baggage policy doesn't include checked carriage. You need to pay for each checked crate. The fare depends on the destination, date, and ticket type. The minimum amount you can consider pay $ 400. Generally, domestic pets are allowed and transported as cargo. 

Is the free allowance baggage policy applicable for equipment on Japan Airlines? 

Travelers checking with windsurfing and surfboard equipment are charged as checked baggage separately because these don't include in the free baggage allowance. Two surfboards can be included in one surfboard bag. And a set of windsurfing gear has one mast, one board and one boom, and one sail. 

What are the restricted items on Japan Airlines? 

Here is the list of the prohibited objects according to japan airlines baggage policy. Flyers can be denied boarding permission if carrying any: 

  • Whether you are boarding the Japan Airlines or the codeshare flight, there is a ban on knives, blunt objects, and sharp points because these can be used as weapons and jeopardize the safety of other passengers. 
  • Travelers can carry only a limited amount of liquids, up to 100 ml. And should be contained in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag. 
  • Expensive items like cash, jewelry, precious metals, and valuables, which can be documents, electric data, computer accessories, mobile, and cameras, aren't permitted to include in checked baggage. 

What is the baggage customer service number of Japan Airlines? 

Passengers can dial the contact number if they have any issues related to baggage restrictions and damage. Japan Airlines Phone number is 1 (800) 525-3663, and the helpline is accessible 24 hours to guide you. Follow the IVR baggage instructions to connect with a suitable representative. Visit the website for more details. 

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