How much does Delta charge to change the name on a ticket?

Let’s assume that while making the reservation on Delta Airlines, unintentionally, you make an error in the name spelling, and the final reservation is made on the wrong name. According to the rules and regulations of airlines, the passenger name on the ticket should be identical to the name on the documents given for verification. In such cases, Delta Airlines name change policy and process give the passenger an opportunity to rectify the mistake of the incorrect name before reaching the airport and avoid disruption of the journey with the wrongly named ticket.

Get Familiar with Delta Airlines name change policy:

  • It applies to all Delta 006 flights worldwide.
  • Only a maximum of up to three letters can be changed, including the first, middle, or last name.
  • No other details can be changed, like gender, date of birth, flight date, or destination, other than the name change.
  • The PNR will not change on the minor name corrections, and the original passenger cannot be changed. In other words, Delta Airlines tickets are nontransferable.
  • Only one name change is allowed per passenger.
  • If the corrections have been done once, but the ticket needs further change in the passenger's name, a new ticket has to be booked after cancellation.
  • A waiver code is unnecessary for a minor name correction.
  • Only tickets booked from Delta’s official website can request a name change per the procedure. Travel agents may contact Delta Airlines assistance for a passenger's name change on tickets booked through them.
  • If a middle name or last name is added or inverted, a new PNR will be issued to the passenger.
  • OSI messages like OSI DL NAME CORRECTION must be added to the PNR during the name change procedure.

Delta Airlines name change process:

After going through the Delta Airlines name change policy, you must know the process through which the name can be rectified on the Delta Airlines ticket.

The online process to change the name: The moment you find out that the name on the ticket is incorrect, you can fix up to three letters on the Delta Airlines ticket with an online procedure. To fix the error by yourself without any assistance from Delta, try the following steps:

  • Go to the official webpage of Delta Airlines or sign in from the phone app with your email.
  • Enter your six-digit confirmation code, first name, last name
  • Find the full booking detail on your screen.
  • Choose the name change option.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and change the wrong letters of the passenger's name.
  • Make sure that the name on the ticket should be the same as the government-approved identity proof, like a passport and aadhar card.
  • Pay the name change fee prescribed by Delta Airlines.
  • Enter the other relevant information and numbers
  • Complete the process and receive a confirmation of the changed name on your registered email.

The above-explained name change process will take a few minutes to remove the error on the passenger’s name, and you can avoid the inconveniences at the airport for boarding the Delta Flight.

Name change on the phone: You can request assistance from Delta Airlines to correct the name on the tickets and also learn about the terms and conditions and fees for the same. If you are a travel agent or your tickets have been purchased through a third party, contact Delta Airlines in the given way:

  • Call on 800 221 1212
  • Listen to the IVR
  • Press the key to speak to a Delta Airlines representative
  • Share your issue with the wrong name and provide other necessary details to the customer service person
  • Pay the name change fee and give the payment details
  • Receive help from a Delta Airlines person and fix the name issue.

Calling will also help you know the exact fees and other details after the name change.

Delta Airlines name change fee:

When you correct the incorrect name on the Delta Airlines ticket, according to the terms and conditions, an amount will be charged as a fee. To know the Delta airlines name change fee, read the following:

  • If the name is changed within 24 hours of making the reservation, USD 125 will be charged.
  • If the name correction is done after the risk-free period, an amount up to USD 275 may be levied depending on the time of the change.

Can you change the name on the airline ticket after marriage?

Yes, the name on the Delta Airlines ticket can be changed after marriage. .if your ticket has been booked with the old name, and you want to change the middle or last name after the marriage, please provide appropriate documents and other information to change the passenger name on the ticket.

For Delta Airlines' name change due to marriage, you can call or message Delta Airlines customer service to request information and assistance.

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