How much does it cost to cancel a Ryanair flight?

When you have secured a flight ticket from Ryanair, but you get Ryanair to cancel the booking due to a change in plan and want to know about its cost, then pursue reading here for the answers. But there is not every condition in that you get to pay the additional fees, and if you get to pay, then it could be around $0 to $200 based on the fare type and destinations. Thus the circumstances in that you could be charged, or not is available in the Ryanair cancellation policy, and it has been mentioned at the bottom:-

Cancellation policy of Ryanair:

  • You may not get to pay any cancelation fees if the booking is made seven days prior to the departure of the flight and gets canceled within 24 hours.
  • But the penalty could be applied as per the ticket rule when the cancelation has been made after the expiration of this grace time. And that could depend on the location, such as the Ryanair cancellation fee UK could be different from other regions.
  • The cancelation fee could be lifted if the passenger has canceled their flight due to a medical emergency or illness, but you get to present the document to the airline.
  • If your flight has been changed involuntarily, that is, by the airline, and you don't wish to travel with the same, then there may not be any type of deduction on your fare cost.
  • When the flight ticket is purchased through a travel agent, the ticket cancellation amount depends on them, not the airline.

Can I get a voucher from Ryanair if I cancel my flight?

Yes, you can get a voucher for the flight cancellation. But you can get a voucher in a certain condition and the details about that you can get at the bottom:-

  • According to the policy of Ryanair cancellation 24 hours, you can have a voucher if you cancel your booking within 24 hours of buying the nonrefundable fare. 
  • When you carry the nonrefundable ticket, but your flight has been canceled by the airline, you can get a voucher after completing the cancelation process.
  • When the reason for the disorganized flight ticket is covid, you can also have a refund in the form of a voucher, which can be used for future traveling.
  • The non-refundable flight ticket is also subject to the voucher if your flight has been delayed by three hours or more and you didn't wish to travel with that. And for that, you have to cancel your flight. 
  • If you get any medical emergency or sickness, then allow you can acquire a travel voucher, but the proper file has to be submitted to the airline.
  • When you have purchased the flight ticket through deals and offers, then you may get a voucher after the involuntary cancelation of the flight ticket.

How can you get a voucher from Ryanair after cancelation?

When you get to Ryanair cancel booking after buying the flight ticket for any reason and qualify for getting the voucher, you get to submit that request to the airline. And for that, you can use the airline's official phone number, +44 1279358438, and conduct the request through the customer service team. Otherwise, you can use the steps that have been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Get to the official website of Ryanair  
  • After that, click on my booking icon 
  • And then, you get to enter the reservation number with the email address.
  • Now, you have to enter the details asked in the form and choose voucher in refund mode.
  • When you complete the form, you will get an approval message in your email and phone number.

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