How Much Does it Cost to Change The Booking of Air Canada


Do you also get second thoughts about changing your flight reservations once it’s confirmed? If yes then you can always change your bookings with a new one or change the date or time. Air Canada is known for its customer-friendly flight policies and with its help, a passenger can adjust his or her bookings.

The Cost Incurred on Changing The Flight if Air Canada 

Air Canada flight change will be subjected to some charges and one has to pay it for changing reservations. The charges incurred on the flight change will depend on the type of fare you have brought. 

  1. For example, if you have a firm fare for any domestic destination then you have to pay around 75 dollars to make the flight changes. 
  2. Likewise, for the flexible fare, the price to change the bookings is 50 dollars. 
  3. In case you are flying to an international destination then the price paid for the firm fare is 200 dollars and for the flexible fare also 200 dollars. 

Flight Change Policies of The Air Canada 

  1. If you change bookings within 24 hours then you don’t have to pay any charge for the flight change.
  2. And if the changes are done right before the flight takes off then the charges would apply as discussed.
  3. The fare difference has to be paid or else the bookings won’t be updated.
  4. The flight changes can be made only once and not more than that. 

And that’s how you can change bookings. And in case you have any doubt, Air Canada customer service will help you out.

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