How to change ITA Airways Flight online?

Passengers who have booked itineraries with ITA Airways want to change them due to sudden plan changes or misspelled names. So the Airline provides multiple ways to change the scheduled flight booking, such as ITA Airways changing flights online through the website or call. Customers who have booked tickets online can change them online to learn more about the online process and read the given information.

  • The traveler should head toward the ITA Airways official website.
  • You should browse the web page and tap the Manage Booking icon.
  • Kindly fill in the booking details like reservation number and last name on the booked itinerary.
  • Then select the change tab, which will appear on the screen.
  • Edit the required changes in booked reservations and click on confirm to update the new changes.
  • The person will receive the unique confirmation code over the valid email address on the same day.

Can I change the ITA Airways flight through a call?

Yes, you can change or reschedule the flight through a call if any technical error is committed during the online process. But the passenger may need to pay the change fee and service taxes to update the required changes, like ITA Airways changing flight date in the booked itinerary. Else check the given data to get more details about the process.

  • Dial the ITA Airways customer service number 877-793-1717 to connect with the agent, available 24 hours and seven days to assist the travelers.
  • After hearing the IVR instructions, it would help if you pressed the preferred key to get a link with the agent on call.
  • The process will take a few minutes to connect the call with them.
  • Share the required details, such as the reservation number and Surname mentioned on the itinerary.
  • The agent will update the necessary changes and send the link for payments of the change fee and any difference amount.
  • The new confirmation code will be shared on the accurate email address or text when the payment is made.

Change the ticket at the Airport:

If the customer cannot make the changes online, it would be great to choose the airport method rather than other options, as this is considered the most effective method compared to the other two methods. You must check the details to get complete information about it.

  • It would be best if you reached the airport ticket counter desk.
  • And ask for assistance from the customer support executive.
  • Share the booking details to edit the required changes.
  • Kindly discuss the changes you need, and the agent will tell you about the change fee according to the ITA Airways change policy and eligibility.
  • When the itinerary is updated, you will receive the new confirmation code on the valid email address.

How much does it cost to change flights on ITA Airways?

If the customer wants to change the booked flight tickets after 24 hours of purchase, then the Airline will charge the ITA Airways change flight fee of $100- $200. The charges may depend on the choices like ticket type, date, and destination. You do not need to pay any change fee if you are supposed to cancel the booking within 24 hours, and the departure date is seven days away.

  • The charges for ITA flight change generally vary as it depends on specific criteria like change in destination, time, refundable or non-refundable, and Economy Class or Business class.
  • The change in flight fee is quite expensive for international travelers compared to domestic passengers.
  • The ITA Airways passengers can make a free modification to the purchased ticket for more alteration; customers should pay the applicable change fee.

ITA Airways Flight Change Policy:

Generally, the Airline provides a flexible time limit to modify the change of flight ticket free of cost. But they have taken the initiative by giving specific terms and conditions under ITA Airways' change flight policy to make the travelers understand under which circumstances the Airline will charge the change fee. You should read the given information before changing the booked flight tickets.

  • To avoid extra charges, request a change within 72 hours of the scheduled flight departure. Also, no-show is permitted. Either the customer should change the itinerary or cancel it.
  • Passengers are supposed to keep their destination the same; if they need to change it, the person should pay the difference amount based on the route choice. You are allowed to choose a destination of the same geographical type.
  • If you want to change the destination, the customer should book the flight a month before the departure to revise it.
  • You are not supposed to get any credit if the change flight fare is less than the previous one.
  • You can only change to any domestic destination if the customer has purchased the domestic flight. For international tickets, passengers can change it to an international destination.


ITA Airways' change policy reflects all insights and current terms and conditions to make the journey more relaxed and comfortable. Read the above information carefully if any query is still related to the change process and policy. Else, call the customer service agent directly.

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