How much does changing Alaska Airlines flights cost?

Changing an airline reservation is an often requested query to any airline, and the airlines do give their customers some leverage to do so. Anyone with an Alaska reservation who is looking to Alaska Airlines change flight can be relieved to know that the airline does have the option of changing one’s already booked reservation. The next few sections outline how this can be done successfully.

How much does changing an Alaska Airlines flight cost?

  • Main class:

Passengers who have booked the Main class reservation with Alaska Airlines can change their flight anytime before the last 24 hours to the scheduled flight departure without paying any charges.

  • First class:

First class reservations can be changed without incurring any flight change charges until 24 hours before the flight departure. 

  • Saver fares:

Saver fares are not eligible for a change, and if needed, can only be canceled within 24 hours of booking to get a complete refund. 

  • Other classes:

All other flight class passengers have to pay the difference in the fares after they change a flight reservation

How much do same day flight changes on Alaska Airlines cost?

Same day flight changes are not free for any passenger irrespective of their flight class. A traveller looking to change their flight to another within the same day will have to pay $25 for a flight anywhere within Canada. For flights to other destinations, the commuter will have to shell out $50 for a flight change. However, one won’t have to pay the difference in the fares of the flight. 

Ways to change an Alaska Airlines flight

One will have to connect to the original vendor from where the ticket was bought. If this vendor was Alaska Air or one of its recognized affiliates, then one can use the airlines website or call customer care to change the booked reservation.

Via Website:

  • Using the “Manage” tab on the Alaska Airlines homepage, one can search for the flight reservation via the reservation details and load the flight itinerary.
  • Next, select the “Change” menu and look for “Change flight” under it. Click on the said option to start the flight change procedure.
  • Search for the new flight and choose the appropriate one, and continue to the payments page.
  • Pay the flight change charges and the difference in the flight fare, as prompted by the browser to confirm the flight change.

Via customer care:

One can contact Alaska customer care by dialing the contact number of the voice department as illustrated on the Alaska help page. To begin connecting to Alaska Airlines customer service, click on the “Contact Us” menu at the end of the Alaska homepage and retrieve the contact number from here. One can connect to a live voice agent and ask them for assistance on flight change.

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