How much does it cost to choose seats on the Frontier airlines?

Traveling with Frontier Airlines, you get two seat options to choose from standard and Stretch seats. The prices vary based on seats, the time you purchase the seat, and the purchase medium. Here we have covered all the information about Frontier Airlines seat selection fee. You can get the details by reading the complete information below.

Seat selection fee with Frontier airlines 

  • As said above, Frontier Airlines offers two-seat types: standard and Stretch. If you select a Standard seat during the flight booking, you need to pay around $ 6.
  • For stretch seats, you need to pay an additional fee of around $ 20 for extra legroom. 
  • Prices might vary from $ 11 to $ 25 when you make an online seat reservation or at the time of check-in at the airport.
  • You need to pay around $ 7 for the standard seat selection and around $ 18 for the stretch seat selection during web check-in.
  • You also can make a seat selection by calling Frontier Airlines customer service representative. In that case, you need to pay around $ 16 for a standard seat and around $ 56 for stretch seats.

Once you go through the prices above, you can make the seat selection at various stages. With Frontier Airlines, you can select your seat at various stages like booking, before check-in, during check-in. You can go through the detailed procedure given below.

The seat Selection process with Frontier Airlines

At the time of booking: - You can select the seat online when booking your flight. The process is simple; you have to follow the booking procedure, and then at the seat selection step, you can choose your preferred seat. Pay the seat selection fee and complete the process.

After booking: - If you don't select the seat at the time of booking, you can also do it later before the check-in through the steps below.

  • Launch the Frontier Airlines website and go to the My Trip section
  • Access your trip details by entering all the information 
  • Select the booking for which you want to select a seat
  • Go to the seat selection option and choose your seat
  • Pay the chargers and complete the process by going through the instructions on the screen.

At Check-in: - You can also select the seat online at the time of check-in, 24 hours before the departure. Or you can speak to the Frontier Airlines representative at the airport to make your Frontier Airlines seat selection.

You must have got all the information about the Frontier seat selection process and cost through the information above. If you need any further information, you can also speak to the Frontier airlines representative.

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