How much does it cost to choose seats on the Frontier airlines?


Seat selection is a great option for travellers who would like to travel in their preferred seats on the airline. This is applicable once you have successfully made a booking for your flight with Frontier airlines.

You could navigate to the official website of Frontier airlines for Frontier airlines seat selection and this way you will be able to get started with Frontier seat selection. Let us consider the cost factor associated with Frontier Seat selection.

What do I have to pay for seat selection at Frontier?

The charges that are levied on passengers as far as Frontier reservation or seat selection is concerned, varies, for instance, you could refer to the below-mentioned points while going for seat selection with Frontier airlines.

  • If you opt for seat selection, up to 24 hours from making the reservation, then you have to pay a nominal charge of 6 USD or more for standard seat selection. And in the case of stretch seatings, the price that travellers have to pay is 20 USD or more.
  • In case you would like to seek assistance over call and would like to make seat selection over call, then passengers have to pay USD 8 or more for standard seat selection, and for stretch seats, travellers have to pay somewhere around USD 20 or more.
  • If you opt for web check-in then you have to make a payment of USD 11 or more for standard seats and the price one has to pay for stretch seat selection is somewhere around USD 25 or more.
  • The same applies to the airport check-in for seat selection. If you go for standard seats then USD 11 or more will be charged and if you go for stretch seats then USD 25 or more will be charged from you.

It is highly recommended to make seat selections during the reservation process. If you are making reservations using the online reservation system through the official website of Frontier airlines, then making seat selection at the same time is highly advisable to cut down on the charges that are otherwise levied on passengers who opt for other means for seat selection.

You could also confirm with the customer service department once you have made the reservations with Frontier airlines and have received a booking confirmation number or the PNR number for your flight reservation.

I hope this helps with Frontier airlines seat selection cost. If you would like to have details then it is advised to visit the official website of Frontier airlines.


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