How Much Do I have to Pay for an Upgrade on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines provide the best premium class services; it means you can expect a good travelling experience with proper rest and food. Though it might happen that you have already booked for the lower class, that does not stop you from experiencing the best customer support. With the Southwest airlines upgrade option, you can upgrade your seat. However, there will be some charges that you might have to pay. You can learn more about it by going through the below-mentioned points.

Southwest Airlines Upgrade Fee

There are certain conditions that decide the fee of upgrade fight. These factors are covered below.

  • You can get the seats from A1 to A15 only when it is available. You have to pay at least $30, and it goes up to $50 per person. If you think that you can get the last-minute change, they might find it hard to get it.
  • If you have booked a flight a month ago and want to upgrade it a month or purchase, then you have to pay less. However, in this, you have to bear the fare difference only; this is the difference in the fare of previous tickets and new tickets.
  • When you are doing an upgrade at the last moment, then if the seats are available, you have to pay high, and it may go up to $100. It can be varied from person to person and when they are changing or applying for an upgrade.
  • Though, there are certain cases when you don’t have to pay for upgrade seats. First, if you have rapid southwest rewards, then you can get the upgrade seats without bearing a single penny.
  • You can use travel points while making payments for changes. Nevertheless, it is available to those who fly frequently or purchase the flyer program. You can use them even making the reservation that can lower down the ticket’s fare that will automatically reduce the overall fare difference.
  • Now, your itinerary also decides the fee, so you make sure you mention this. It will lower the cost of changing seats as well as you do not have to bear any upgrade fee.

Cost to Upgrade to Business Class on Southwest

In this way the fee for upgrade changes, if you are looking for a cost to upgrade to business class on Southwest or any individual one, then you can connect with a person at the airport or get live person assistance. They can provide you with full details of availability and the fee for the upgrade.


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