How much does it cost you to change the Aer Lingus flight?

Aer Lingus is Ireland's flag carrier Airline, founded by the Irish Government. But later, it was privatized by the International Airline. Also, the head office of Aer Lingus is situated in Dublin Airport in Cloghran, County Dublin. Now, suppose you have booked your flight with Aer Lingus to visit your son's college, but suddenly, your daughter gets ill, and That's why you need to change your flight tickets. If you want to change your flights, you can easily do that. Also, the Airline won’t charge you much for that. So, if you are thinking of changing your flight, do not worry. Aer Lingus made an easy way for you.

What are the Aer Lingus flight change policies?

If you are willing to change your flight with Aer Lingus, then there are some Aer Lingus change flight policies that you need to know before making changes to your flight. So, if you want to know the policies, read the points below.

  • If you are making the change in your Aer Lingus flight on the same day of booking, then according to its policy, you do not need to pay any flight change charges.
  • If you are willing to make changes to your flight after the allotted time, you have to pay the flight change charges.
  • The Aer Lingus flight change charges vary according to the distance that is covered by your flight and your destination.
  • If Aer Lingus delays your flight, they are responsible for rescheduling a flight for you, and they also compensate you for that, and if you do not want to board the flight given by Airline, then you can ask them to cancel that for you. 
  • In the event of a medical emergency, the flight is changed by travelers, then they can change the flight, but they have to submit the proper medical documents for that. Otherwise, the Airline will charge cancellation charges to you.
  • If you change your flight after reaching the Airport, you can not make those changes. You need to book another flight for that.
  • In case of the death of any family member, one can change their flight itinerary. Still, they must submit that person's death certificate to the Airline within fourteen days of cancellation.
  • The change charge of Aer Lingus is basically nothing. It just took the difference between the original charges and the price of the flight.

What is the procedure for changing an Aer Lingus flight? 

To do an Aer Lingus change flight. There is a procedure you need to know before making any changes; because many make mistakes while changing the flight, you can read the following instructions if you want to change your flight.

  • First of all, go to the official website of Aer Lingus.
  • And then, fill in your login details, like your writing your login id and password.
  • After that, you need to click on the managed booking options.
  • And then, you have to fill in your reference number and last name to check your ticket details.
  • You can see all your ticket details after that.
  • Click on the modification option, and you will see a change flight option.
  • You can make the changes to your flight after that.
  • And then, you need to click on the continue tab.
  • Tell them a valid reason for changing your flight.
  • Pay the flight change amount if you have any.
  • You will get an Email from the Airline's side that you are successfully able to make changes to your flight.

How much do I have to pay to change Aer Lingus flight?

 As of now, if you know the Aer Lingus policies and procedures, you must be confused about the Aer Lingus change flight fee. So Aer Lingus charges very less for the flight. You can read the below to know the prices.

  • If you change your flight within 14 to 59 days, you need to give 50 USD.
  • If you make changes in your flight for routes between Ireland/UK/Europe, 60 USD.
  • If you make changes in your flight for routes to/from the USA, 150 USD.


So here are some Aer Lingus change flight rules and procedures. For more such inquiries, you can visit the official website of Aer Lingus. If the passengers need to make changes, they can surely do that, but they need a proper procedure.

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