How much does it cost to change my flight on JetBlue?

When the travel plan has changed of passenger, and you want to prepone or postpone your trip, this process is quite simple and easy to perform at JetBlue. But suppose you have decided to change your current flight itinerary. In that case, you should have complete information about JetBlue change flight policy of the airline, and for your guidance within this section, you will get a policy and procedure explained to change your ticket. 

The key perks on JetBlue flight change policy:

  • As per JetBlue change policy, all the changes must be performed on the change flight portal or contacting JetBlue over their helpline service number
  • According to JetBlue, ticket change would be requested 24 hours of purchase provided that the travel got booked seven days or more before the scheduled departure
  • There are no JetBlue change fee would be assessed within 24 hours of purchase
  • For the government/military person fares, changes are permitted without any JetBlue date change fee and are subject to availability and any applicable difference in the airfare
  • Lastly, if a passenger gets to change their flight of JetBlue airlines, it completely depends on the factors like the type of ticket, changes the time and distance of the journey, and then you need to pay $75 if you change your booking 60days before departure.

Since you have gathered quite appropriate information about the JetBlue airlines flight change policy. So, for now, you must pick JetBlue change flight, the procedure under which you will execute quite appropriately the steps of flight change within the official website.

Steps to change a flight on JetBlue:

  • First of all, visit the official airlines website through your preferred web browser within your device
  • After that, navigate the manage trip section 
  • Then here enter the six-digit booking reference number along with the last name of the passenger 
  • Now click on the change flight tab, as would get redirected to the reservation page
  • Next, enter in the new flight date, time, or destination as per your travel preference and choose from the newly available options
  • If there is a fare difference, then you will get asked to pay the flight difference along with other applicable charges
  • Now, you need to choose the debit/credit card option online for payment 
  • At last, get the verification code process done, and you will the ticket change confirmation email with a new itinerary with a complete summary.

However, if you need to go for JetBlue change flight date, you can check out this within the official website or contact a customer service representative for help.

About JetBlue change flight fee

The change fee of the JetBlue airline is based on various factors like fare type, date & time of the flight change, and some others. For changing or cancelling before the 60 days prior to the scheduled departure of the flight JetBlue airline will take $75 as a fee. Other than this procedure the fee of $75 will be applicable on every passenger holding a $100 fare ticket, a fee of $100 will be applicable for $100 to $149 fare ticket and $150 as a fee for more than $150 fare ticket.

JetBlue same day flight change:

For the same day flight change passengers can visit the counter of the airline and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Passengers can select the flight earlier or later on the same day.
  2. It is important to consider that you are allowed to travel under the same city pairs or designated airports.
  3. For cities that have direct flights, the same day change option is not applicable.
  4. You can perform the same day flight change at the airport stating full 24 hours before the originally scheduled flight.
  5. The fee is not applicable for some day changes.

How to change the JetBlue flight for free: follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Use the 24-hour window.
  2. Take the advantage of same-day change service.
  3. Always buy refundable tickets and flexible fare.
  4. Always book two one-way tickets in place of Round-trip tickets.
  5. Get travel insurance.

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