Can you change the name on a Volaris ticket?

During the process of making your flight booking with Volaris Airline, if you have made some errors in your name or forgot to add a certain section, then you can proceed with the Volaris name change process, where you can correct your name cited on the flight ticket, you can head by making the changes to your name through the Airline website, or can make a call to the customer support and ask the agent to make the respective changes to your name the person from the Airline will help you with the assistance.

What is Volaris Airlines name change policy?

Every Airline has certain terms and conditions, so before proceeding with the name change process, go through the Volaris name change policy points noted below and get informed.

  • You cannot change your name from the flight ticket on the same day your Volaris flight departure.
  • According to the Airline's policy, you cannot change the passenger type to adult, senior, infant, or minor.
  • You cannot change your name completely from the flight ticket.
  • The Airline allows you to change up to 3 characters of your name.
  • Changing an initial to your name and adding up the middle name is free of cost.
  • Modifying your name because of your marriage status is free; all you need to do is provide your legal documents to the Volaris representative.

What is Volaris Airlines 24 hours name change policy?

There is a Volaris Airlines 24-hour name change policy. Before proceeding with the process of the Volaris name change on the ticket, go through the points below and be well-informed about the policy.

  • If you want to make changes to your name, make sure you put up a request 24 hours before your scheduled departure time to avoid paying the additional charges to Volaris Airlines.

  • And if you are heading to make the changes to your name after 24 hours, then you need to pay the penalty to the Airline along with the fare charges. 

What are the methods to change your name on a Volaris flight ticket?

The Airline offers you certain different modes through which you can get your name changed from the Volaris flight ticket; you can proceed with any of your preferred modes from the following. To collect knowledge regarding the procedure, you can go through the information that is labeled below.

  • Call customer support - you can speak to the Airline customer support by dialing the Volaris Airlines customer support helpline number and asking the agent to make certain changes to your name, as necessary. Then, the agent will provide you with a quick response and help you with the procedure.
  • Make changes through the website - you can modify your name through the Airline website by noting down all the changes you need to make. Then, after submitting your request, the Airline will make the changes to your name and send you a confirmation in your email.
  • Visit the Airport counter - if the information located on your flight ticket does not match the details of your government documents, then you have to get it changed; you can also proceed by reaching the Airport help desk counter of Volaris Airline and providing the information to the live person about the changes that are required to make in the name.

How can I change my name on the Volaris flight ticket online?

The most convenient way to make the changes in your flight ticket name is through the website, as this is the online mode where you can mention all the modification information you need to make in your listed name to step with the Volaris name change online method you can go through the points that are mentioned beneath, and follow to proceed.

  • Proceed by visiting the Volaris Airline official web page.
  • On the manage booking page, list your booking number and the last name.
  • Pick the name change option and enter the correct name in the given space.
  • Then, head to the payment section and pay the requested charges.
  • After, you will get a confirmation message with an updated name and the itinerary.

How much does Volaris charge for a name change?

After making your flight booking with Volaris Airline, if you are heading with the name change procedure, then you have to pay the Volaris name change fee; it is always recommended to recheck all your information during the booking before making the conformation for your flight because your flight ticket details should match your government documents, to know about the Volaris name change fee, you can go through the information given beneath.

  • When you have changed your name in less than 15 days, you must pay 250 USD + fare difference to the Airline as a Volaris name-changing fee.
  • If you proceed to make the change to your name located on the flight ticket in more than 15 days, you have to pay 300 USD to the Airline as the name-changing fee.

What are the types of Volaris name change requests?

Different changes can be made in your name and have been mostly requested; a few ways are mentioned below.

  • Married name change.
  • Legal name change.
  • Minor name change.
  • Middle name change.
  • Last name change.

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