How much does Volaris name change cost?

Volaris Airline is an airline in Mexico that flies to different places in domestic and international areas worldwide. This airline carries many passengers, so sometimes people face problems with their name on the booking, as someone has incorrectly misspelled their name or surname, or any other incorrection in their name. Hence, they want to change their name, for which they are wondering about a Volaris name change fee on their booking so that they can quickly make changes to their booking. So this article will help you learn all the change fees, procedures, and concerned guidelines.

How much can a person charge a name change fee on a Volaris Airlines booking?

  • Every name change request needs to pay a name change fee.
  • People are always suggested to verify their details thoroughly before making the reservation and then confirm it by matching them to their original ID proof like a passport or other government-issued ID.
  • If the passenger is making changes to their name via online mode and phone call and has less than 15 days from their scheduled departure, then they need to pay $250 plus the fare difference, and if making changes to their name at the airport, then he or needs to pay $300 plus the amount of fare difference.
  • Suppose the passenger has more than 15 days from their flight departure times and makes amendments to his name via online and phone calls mentioned on their booking. In that case, he will charge $300, including some fare difference amount, and if they make changes at the airport, he needs to pay extra, more like $300, by adding the fare difference amount.
  • People must pay a name change fee of $200 as a non-refundable fee on Volaris Airlines and the fare difference amount.

Provide some terms and conditions to change a name on Volaris Airlines:

Below are some standard Volaris name change policy and guidelines through which people can quickly move forward on the name change procedures:

  • Passengers' names on their booking and identity proof, like government-issued ID, driving license, etc., must be the same; otherwise, they will not be allowed to board their Volaris Airlines flight.
  • As per the Volaris Airlines flexible name change policy, passengers can correct the minor spelling errors of their name up to 4 characters in the middle, last and first name.
  • People who corrected their name must pay the Volaris name change fee and applicable fare difference.
  • If a person doesn't want to pay any additional cost for their name change, then their change request doesn’t include a seat upgrade or any other changes in the type of ticket, and then they need to pay the fare difference.
  • Per the Volaris Airlines policy, people cannot change the type of passengers, like adults, minors, seniors, or infants.
  • If a person has made a group booking, only one person can change their name for correction.
  • People who have changed their booking under the 24-hour purchasing don’t need to pay any name change fee.
  • Circumstances under which name change is not available on Volaris Airline booking:
  • People who have made their booking via eGift certificate or electronic credit.
  • If a passenger wants to change the reservation of an adult to book for a minor or any other person is not allowed a name change.
  • On a few fare types, Volaris Airlines does not allow changes to the name. In this situation, people need to cancel their flight then, get a refund and then, at last, make a new reservation with the correct name.
  • People cannot amend their booking if he makes them on the same day of their flight departure.
  • For people who have their scheduled departure within 24 hours, then, as per the airline policy, passengers are not allowed to make any changes immediately.

Provide some steps to correct the name on the Volaris Airlines booking:

If a person has mistakenly incorrect their name and now wants to do a Volaris name change on a ticket online, then he can read the below instructions to learn the procedures:

  • Go to the official portal of Volaris Airlines
  • Then, click the “My trips” button.
  • Now, enter your PNR number and last name, which is mentioned on your flight ticket.
  • Then, tap the “retrieve booking” option.
  • Redirect to the next page.
  • Verify all your details.
  • Then, click the “modify personal details” option.
  • Now, tap on the “edit passenger’s name” button.
  • Enter your correct name.
  • Now, you will ask to provide your required documents, like a government-approved ID.
  • Insert documents for verification.
  • Then, pay the name change fee if it's applicable.
  • Afterward, click the continue button to complete the name correction process.
  • You will receive the new confirmation email for your name change on booking.

Mention alternate method to name change on Volaris Airlines reservation:

Passengers can directly visit the airport or can make a phone call to the Volaris Airlines team for the Volaris name change procedure, but you must read the below points:

  • You need to call +1 855 VOLARIS (8652747), then press the key to connect with their officials.
  • Once you connect on call, you must provide your information and follow on-call instructions to change your name on your booking.

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