How much do I need to pay to cancel a WestJet reservation?

WestJet Airlines allows you to cancel your reservation without paying any cancellation charges. But to enjoy the charge-free cancellation, a traveler must follow the terms and conditions put forth by the airline.

If you have the WestJet cancellation policy ready beforehand, you do not have to worry about the false consequences. However, if you face trouble getting through the cancellation policy at WestJet, you can contact its official customer service team.

The Flight Cancellation Policy at WestJet

Do not worry if you face trouble continuing the journey with WestJet; the airline has your back with flexible policies. So, do not waste your time contemplating making a decision; you must check out the following cancellation policies-

  • If you need a full refund from WestJet after canceling the flight, you need to proceed with the cancellation within a day of its initial purchase.
  • If you exceed the airline’s charge-free cancellation period, you need to pay some applicable charges to cancel your reservation with WestJet.
  • You must pay the WestJet cancellation fee if you are imposed with any, as the airline does not allow you to proceed further without the transaction.
  • If you seek a refund from the airline after canceling the flight, you need to be ready for the partial refund; the refund you are eligible to get depends on the type of fare you selected at the time of booking.
  • However, suppose you have booked an Econo Flex or Econo, Business Flex, or the Premium Flex ticket from the airline. In that case, you need to pay the applicable charges if you surpass the golden 24 hours time period.
  • Also, if you booked a Basic Fare from WestJet, you can cancel your itinerary but might not be able to obtain a refund for any part of the journey.

Applicable Fare Conditions at WestJet

Take a look at the given fare terms and conditions as put forth by the airline-

  • If you have booked an Econo ticket and now wish to cancel it, you might have to pay a cancellation charge ranging between 50 CAD and 60 CAD.
  • Also, if you have an Econo Flex Fare, you need to pay the applicable cancellation charges ranging between 25 CAD and 30 CAD.

The airline provides a great sigh of relief for travelers looking for WestJet cancellation due to covid. The airline tends to understand the horrific situation that the pandemic has caused. The WestJet travel consolidators work around the clock to help travelers with any travel-related queries.

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