How much does it cost to change a flight to Air India?

Air India's flight change policy and prices can vary, and it may depend on several elements, such as the kind of ticket, fare policies, and the time of change. To get the most correct and up-to-date facts, it is recommended to without delay contact Air India or go to their reputable website for updated details. However, we can provide a preferred overview of air india change flight, policy, and the associated costs.

Air India Change Flight Policy:

Air India lets passengers change their flights, difficulty in the supply of seats, and fare guidelines. Here we have mentioned some important pointers that to keep in mind.

  • Change Fees: Air India typically expenses a change charge for upgrading your flight details. The fee can vary based on the ticket, fare elegance, and trade time.
  • Fare Difference: In addition to the exchange price, passengers might need to pay the fare difference between the original and new tickets. If the new ticket is extra high priced than the authentic one, the passenger can be required to pay the fare difference.
  • Time Restrictions: The capability to change a flight may concern certain time restrictions. Air India commonly allows in-flight changes to be made as much as an exact length before the scheduled departure time. It's essential to check your price ticket's fare policies and situations to decide the time restriction for making adjustments.
  • Change Options: Air India allows passengers to trade various factors in their flight, together with the date, time, or even the destination, depending on the fare regulations related to their ticket price. However, it's critical to know that adjustments are an availability problem, and certain rules may apply.
  • Refunds and Cancellations: In some instances, passengers may additionally choose to cancel their authentic flight and request a refund in preference to converting the flight information. Air India's refund policy may have specific policies and situations, and the eligibility for a refund can also depend upon factors together with the fare magnificence, price of ticket kind, and time of cancellation.

Thus, It's critical to review the Air India change flight policy related to your ticket or seek advice from Remember, the info provided here are popular tips, and the basic guidelines, costs, and methods may vary.

Fare Rules and Conditions:

Flight changes are a challenge to the fare guidelines and situations associated with the unique price ticket. These guidelines also consist of regulations on adjustments, refundability, and the applicability of consequences.

  • Seat Availability: Flight adjustments are situations to seat availability at the desired new flight.
  • If there aren't any seats on the preferred flight, you need to consider opportunity alternatives or test for availability later.

Air India Change Flight Fees:

The specific air india change flight fee for converting a flight on Air India can vary depending on the elements noted earlier. Here are some possible situations:

  • Domestic Flights: For domestic flights inside India, the change price can vary from INR 2,500 to INR 5,000 (approximately) in keeping with passengers. This fee can be applicable for every flight segment, so checking your price ticket's fare rules and situations is crucial.
  • International Flights: The exchange price can vary for international flights based on the destination and fare magnificence. The fees may range from USD one hundred to USD three hundred (about) per passenger. Again, studying the fare policies and situations specific to your ticket is essential.

Air India Change Flight Date Online:

To alternate your Air India flight date online, follow those standard steps:

Visit Air India's online website

  • Check the Manage My Trip option or "My Bookings details.
  • Enter your reserving reference or e-ticket wide variety together with the passenger's last name.
  • Follow the commands to adjust your flight information, such as the date trade.
  • Review and verify any associated expenses or fare variations.
  • Make the vital price for the change, if relevant.
  • Check your e-mail for the updated itinerary and any additional instructions.


Knowing these guidelines are based on facts is critical, and expenses and policies might also range. To get correct and precise details about air india change flight date online, it is beneficial to immediately contact Air India's customer support or visit their official website.

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