Can we change the passenger name on the Go First flight?

Yes, you can change the passenger name on the Go First Flight, but there are some terms and conditions after that you can change the name. If your ticket is confirmed, you cannot change your name. To know the terms and conditions, you can visit the official web page and get all the name change details. You can also use online and offline methods for changing the name.

Get Familiar with Go first name change policy:

  • Passengers cannot change their names without a confirmed flight ticket.
  • The airline allows you to change your name, but they did not allow you to transfer your flight.
  • Travelers can change the name on the flight tickets, but the airline will charge them a fee, which they should pay.
  • The airline allowed changing only the middle letters of the passenger's name up to 2-3 characters.
  • The airline will not charge you for correcting minor errors in your flight ticket.
  • If your name has a significant mistake, the airline will create the new pnr, and you must pay the charges.
  • You don't have to pay the charges if the airline makes any error in your name.
  • The passenger's name should match their flight ticket according to their documents.
  • You should provide the certificate if you got married or divorced recently and want to change your surname.
  • Passengers are allowed to change their names within 24 hours of the reservation, and if they do it after that, they have to pay the charges. 
  • If the passenger changes their name within 3 hours before the flight's departure, they must pay the charges.
  • If traveling on an international or domestic flight, you cannot change the name within 2 hours of departure.
  • If you book the flight through promotional vouchers, you cannot change the name on the flight ticket whether you have a confirmed flight ticket.
  • If the passenger's name does not match their identification proof, they cannot board the flight.

What are the methods for changing the name at Go First?

If the passenger wants to change their name, they can use the manage booking and connect with someone at the airline who will help them change their name as soon as possible. Passengers can use the mentioned methods and receive a confirmation of the credentials.

How does go first name change via the online method?

The passengers want to change their names because they misspelled them on the flight ticket. If the passenger modifies their name, they can do it within 24 hours of the reservation. According to the go first name change policy, passengers are not allowed to change their name on the confirmed flight ticket, and if they do not have the confirmed flight ticket, they can use the online option. Here are the instructions to use it:

  • Launch the web portal of Go First .
  • Move your cursor toward the plan my trip option and click the manage booking option.
  • Enter your PNR details and email id, and click the log-in option.
  • Go to the change option and click on the name change option.
  • Edit your name and check the spelling of your name before submitting.
  • Pay the charges if you modify it after 24 hours. You can use net banking, credit card, debit card, or the online app for payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation on your registered email id and a message on the text number.

How can I change the name by speaking with the airline representative?

The passenger wants to change their name; they have tried the online option but did not get the information on how to use it. In that case, the passenger can speak with someone at the airline and get the information. Passengers can use these contact numbers: 1800 2100 999 / +91 22 6896 8300. Listen to the prompt voice to reach the representative. Press the command according to the query. Please speak with the customer service representative and ask them to change your name. The representative will change the name on your flight ticket, and you will receive the confirmation on the registered email id and a message on the contact number.

Can I change the name at Go First Air by visiting the airport?

You can change the name at Go First Air by visiting the airport. You can visit the airport where you have to board the flight. You can visit the Go First Air counter and ask the representative to change the name. The representative will change your name and provide the confirmation on the official email address and text the contact number immediately.

How much does it cost for the Go first name correction?

The Go first name correction charges will depend on you at what time you are changing the name. There is no appropriate charge. You can speak with someone at the airline, and you will get the details of the name correction charges from the representative as soon as possible.

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          • Hemant Rambhau Koli
      • Dear Sir/ Madam, My self Hemant Koli and my daughter's name has been written wrong by mistake in conformed air ticket. Actual name is SAEE HEMANT KOLI but the name which has been typed wrong by mistake is SARE HEMAN KOLI. So its my request to the airline to do correction of my daughter's name spelling... Its humble request you, please help me to change only one alphabet that is S instead of R. Regards, Hemant R. Koli

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