Accumulate information to change the name on a flight ticket of Southwest Airlines

While making a flight reservation with Southwest Airlines, there is a variety of information that a customer has to provide, such as destination information, contact information, etc., and the correct name is one of them. But the first time, the reservation was made in a hurry, or any other customer mistakenly mentioned an incorrect name, due to which the airline authorities dined that customer to board. So, to manage this situation efficiently, Southwest Airlines allows its customers to change their names per their preferences. However, the Southwest Airlines name correction request will only accepted if the customer makes it before the flight departure. If any customers want more information about changing the name of Southwest Airlines, they must go through the information below.

Can I change the name on a Southwest flight ticket?

Yes, you can change the name on the Southwest Airlines flight ticket, but there are specific policies that you have to follow while changing the name; having the information about these name change policies is essential as it will help you to know whether you are eligible to change the name or not. To understand the complete Southwest name change policy, go through below.

  • The airlines will only accept the name change request if the customer provides any legal documents; otherwise, airlines deny the name change request without the legal documents.

  • When changing the name, customers are only allowed to change three letters of their name, but if they want to change more letters, they need to communicate with the airline's executives.

  • If the customer makes the name change request within 24 hours of making the reservation, they will not need to pay any modification charges; still, after closing that free window, the charges are applicable.

  • After making the bookings, if the customers get married or divorced, they will need to show the genuine documents, and they can change their name or surname without paying the charges.

  • While purchasing the flight tickets, if customers add the insurance of the tickets, then they will not need to pay any name change fee as they can do that free of cost.

  • If any customer wants to travel with two different names and have passports with those names, they have to purchase additional tickets with each, and they will not need to pay any name change cost.

  • Airlines allow customers to extend their name and add Mr., Mrs., etc., without paying charges.

  • If you do not correct the name and the name does not match the name mentioned on your government documents, then as per the policies, you are not allowed by the airlines to check in.

What is the name change fee on Southwest Airlines?

At the time of correcting the name, there is a certain Southwest name change fee that a customer has to pay, and these charges will vary as per the number of letters you are modifying, the route and destination of the flight, and the time left in the flight departure. Still, you have to pay between 80 USD and 400 USD to change the name.

How do I change the name of Southwest Airlines?

There are a number of options available for doing the Southwest name change on the ticket, but the most convenient option for name change is by using the official website of Southwest Airlines. This is the most suitable option for making the name change request, as you will not need to connect with any executive, and you can apply for the name change whenever you want. If you want to go with this option but do not have information about the complete process, then you need to use the points mentioned below.

  • Search for the official website of Southwest Airlines

  • Now, search the manage booking section and provide the last name with the PNR number

  • Following that, choose the name change tap and mention the correct name

  • Further, you must attach the documents with the correct name

  • After that, save the changes, and if there are any charges available, then pay them

  • Lastly, Southwest Airlines will email you an email of successfully making the name change.

Can I add my middle name to the Southwest Airlines ticket?

Yes, you can add a middle name to Southwest tickets. Still, for that, you have to communicate with the representatives of Southwest Airlines or reach out to the airline executives available at the counter. The airlines will not allow you to add a middle name using the online website or mobile application. After you request adding the middle name, you need to show the genuine documents at the airport with that correct name. To connect with the representatives, you need to call this number 18004359792 and then choose the language in which you want assistance. Then, from the options of the IVR, select that which relates to the queries, and the call will be transferred to the agent.

By reading the above informal ion, you will know about the details of Southwest Airlines' name change and other necessary information on Southwest Airlines. Still, if you want more information or have unsolved queries, contact Southwest Airlines' official website. The customer service team has information about name change policies, processes, fees, etc.


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