How Do I Change My Name on United Airlines?

United Airlines allows minor change or correction but only if you qualify the name change policy of the airline. A traveler must ensure that the new name matches the government-issued ID or passport.

You can process the United Airlines name change formalities on your own by visiting the airline's official website. And, if you need further information about the existing name change policy at United, keep reading the upcoming section!

The Name Change Terms & Conditions at United Airlines

You cannot change the whole name and allot the ticket to another traveler. However, you can correct the misspelled letters only if you abide by the following criteria:

  • You can make amendments in the name only if United operates the flight.
  • If you purchased the ticket via code-share, you could correct the name only for the United Airlines segment of the journey.
  • Also, United Airlines allows you to reissue your ticket after making the required name correction.
  • If you make any additional name correction in your existing United Airlines, then you need to pay some change fee and the fare difference, if any.
  • As per the United Airlines name change policy, you cannot change the flight date, time, or fare classes.
  • When you are requesting a name change on United Airlines, you don’t get to change the gender and the passenger’s date of birth, for that matter.
  • Minor correction in the date of birth is granted to travelers only when they made a genuine mistake during flight booking.
  • At United Airlines, you can make one change per reservation, and if you want to make any further changes, you need to pay a significant penalty to complete the formalities.

The Name Change Fare Conditions at United Airlines

Check out the fare conditions as mentioned by United Airlines if you are looking forward to changing or making corrections in the name:

  • If you wish to request a name change on United Airlines, you need to pay around 75 USD if you do it within a day of the initial purchase.
  • However, if you surpass the 24 hours of the name change, the name change fee varies up to 200 USD applied per way.

Now you have a clear thought about how you can skip paying United Airlines name change fee and some of the crucial change guidelines at United Airlines. However, if you face any technical problems correcting the name, you can talk to the United Airlines customer service team.

Steps for how to change the name on United airlines ticket

  • If you change the name of the passenger, then you can go to the United Airlines official website and then tap on the manage booking section of the airline.
  • Now, under the manage booking option, look for the flight change option and enter your booking number, followed by the passenger's name.
  • Once you are done, go to the booking details page and tap on the edit option for making the changes in the name.
  • Follow the online instructions to correct the spelling mistake in the reservations, and once done, save the changes in the booking.
  • You can also call on the helpline number of the airline and then request for the changes in the name, and once done, the changes will be updated. Also, if possible, you can even visit the ticket center for the same.

And with the help of the following steps, one can easily change the passenger's name. And if it's same-day changes, then you might have to pay for the United Airlines same-day flight change fee.

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