Attributes pertaining to United Airlines name change process and policy

United Airlines has been exemplary in the customer service option it offers for all the reservations made with the airline. Once the booking is finalized, it will face issues needing additional support. The team ensures that all the help and assistance required are provided under these conditions. So, when you would like to get aid from the airline's team to make a United Airlines name change for the booking that has been made, it is best to connect with the airline for the same.

The details associated with it are given here, which you can refer to and accordingly choose the best mode that suits your requirements to complete the process.

Details on United Airlines name change policy:

To initiate the name change with United Airlines, you need to follow the name change policy provided by the airline. Look through the details on the United Airlines name change policy, which will help you make the modifications as needed.

  • You are allowed to make the name changes with the airline without any supporting documents in the following scenarios:

  • Correct the spelling of the first name or last name registered.

  • Change the name or the nickname under which the reservation was made.

  • Make the rectification in the prefix or the title under which the booking has been made.

  • You can make changes in the name with United Airlines in case of marriage, divorce, legal name change, and adoption scenarios by submitting supporting legal documents.

  • The name change with the airline can be done within 24 hours of making the reservation at no additional cost charged.

Elaborative specifications on United Airlines process:

The entire process of United Airlines change name on the ticket is relatively easy; the particulars are given here for you to refer to.

Name change via the official website:

For all the MileagePlus account holders, the necessary changes in the name are possible through the account you created. The link for the same is on the airline's official page. Enter the credentials as you are being asked to access your account. Fill in the Personal Identification Change Request Form and submit it. You need to upload the relevant documents and their copies, which are being asked to make the process hassle-free. The team would send in a confirmation email for the changes made.

Visiting the airport ticket office:

You can visit the airport ticket office in case there is a need to make a United name correction against the reservation that was made. The staff will help you make the changes per the requirements and conditions discussed. You need to submit the authorized documents for the same, which will be checked through by the airline team. The team would then make all the necessary changes on your behalf.

Point to remember: In situations when you are not able to make the changes in the name via both modes, place a call with the airline's customer support team. The representative will provide the necessary details and support to help you make changes.

Information on name change fee with United Airlines:

Minor changes in the name within the period specified can be done at no additional cost levied for the same. The fee that gets charged also depends on the extent of correction or change needed. An average of 70 USD to 150 USD can be charged as a United Airlines name change fee, which varies per the situation.

What are the legal documents that need to be submitted for name change?

The following documents need to be submitted to make the name change:

  • Document for legal name change that has been done.

  • Authorized Divorce Decree from the court.

  • Marriage license and pertaining certificate issued by the Government.

  • Identification documents issued by the government showing proof of current and former name.

What can be done about failing to submit legal documents?

Under conditions when you cannot submit the relevant documents for verification, the alternative option is to submit the Name Affidavit, which gives details of the name change with the attached copy of the government-issued identification you have. For making a United change name on a ticket, through this mode, you need to print the Affidavit and then manually mail the notarized documents to the address:

MileagePlus Service Center

P.O. Box 1394

Houston, TX 77251-1394

What is the average time taken for the name change process to complete?

The airline takes an average of two weeks to process the change that you have requested. Indeed, the team can speed up the entire process under special circumstances if a request is made. 

Does my existing reservation get affected by the name change of account?

When you make the name change on the account, there will not be any changes to the already existing reservation. There would not be any issue created under the same as you would be able to do the necessary check-in process as needed.

Can you change the name to transfer the ticket to another person?

You cannot change the name to transfer the ticket to another person. The best possible solution under this scenario is to cancel the ticket reservation that has been made and rebook as necessitated.

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