How can you check-in for an Aeromexico flight online?

How early do I have to be at the airport for an international flight Aeromexico?

On reserving the flight seat with Aeromexico, it is mandatory to do the check-in and obtain the boarding pass. To avoid any last-minute hassles, it is pretty good to reach the airport on time before departure. For this, passengers always look for the Aeromexico check-in time for the international journey. Aeromexico allows you to reach the airport 3 hours before the international flight's actual departure. Once you get to the airport, you should head to the baggage check-in for security screening. 

How soon can I check-in for my Aeromexico flight?

You can check-in 24 hours by takeoff on international flights and 48 hours before on domestic flights.

How do I check-in for the Aeromexico flight?

For the ease and comfort of the passengers, Aeromexico opens the check-in portals 24 hours before the actual departure. You can check the flight through various methods and obtain the boarding pass. Hence, to know about all the ways, you need to read further and get the details.

Through web or online check-in:

One of the preferred and the quickest way to get the boarding pass is web check-in. Thus, for Aeromexico check-in online, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, you must visit the official Aeromexico website on your suitable search platform.
  • Afterward, you can proceed to the check-in handle available at the top of the home page.
  • You need to provide the reservation or ticket number with your last name on the new screen.
  • With this, you need to tap on the find reservation button, and all the flight details with Aeromexico will be displayed on the new page.
  • You need to choose the flight you want to do the check-in and tap on the online check-in button.
  • Then, you are allowed to add the number of bags in the travel and select the type of seat for the journey.
  • After all the necessary changes, you can make the payment if eligible for any service and tap on the confirm button.
  • Aeromexico will send you the confirmation message with the boarding pass at your registered email id.

Through airport check-in:

You also have the facility to do the check-in at the airport counters that is available in the different sections. You need to reach the airport 2-3 hours before the departure and provide the physical copy of your flight ticket to the counter authorities. They will immediately check your flight and give you the boarding pass. 

Through kiosk check-in:

Electronic kiosk machines are placed at several corners at your suitable airport. You can use the kiosks to do the check-in and get the boarding pass. You can add the reservation details with baggage, and you will immediately receive the boarding pass at your registered email id. With this, you will avoid the long queues at the airport counter check-in.

Through mobile app:

Although you can download the official mobile app of Aeromexico on your device, you need to retrieve your account for Aeromexico check-in using the correct username and password. With this, you will see the different reservation details from which you can choose the flight you want to check-in and add the bags. Once you successfully select the flight seat, you need to tap on the continue button to complete the process. Aeromexico will send you the boarding pass having all the flight details at your registered email id.

When should I check-in for my flight Aeromexico?

You can make your journey more efficient and avoid any inconveniences through the different ways of check-in. In accordance with this, you need to understand some rules regarding the time when you do the check-in for the Aeromexico flight and obtain the boarding pass. Following are the points you can read for the check-in guidelines:

  • The check-in portals will open 48 hours before the departure of a domestic flight with Aeromexico. 
  • You can do the check-in 24 hours before the departure if you are boarding an international flight.
  • If you are checking the bags, you need to do the check-in 90 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • But if you are not checking the bags, you can do the check-in 60 minutes before the scheduled departure.
  • The maximum time for the international check-in flight is 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure. 
  • You are advised to reach the airport 2 hours before the domestic flight departure with Aeromexico.

Does Aeromexico have free checked bags?

Yes, Aeromexico offers free checked luggage to board your flight. The Aeromexico checked baggage allowance depends on the type of class and the number of bags. Therefore to know about Aeromexico check-in baggage rules, you need to read the below points:

Standard check-in bags requirements:

  • For the domestic flight, you are allowed to carry a piece of a bag of weight up to 25 kg.
  • For the international flight, you can bring a suitcase of weight up to 23kg/50lbs. 
  • In both flights, the maximum dimension of each bag can be 158cm or 62 inches.

Clase premier baggage:

  • Passengers traveling in premier fare can carry two bags of weight not more than 70lbsor 32 kg.
  • The maximum linear dimensions of each bag must be 62 inches or 158cm.

Main cabin baggage:

  • The weight allowance for the checked bags in the main cabin can be 20 to 25 kg.
  • Under this, the dimensions for basic and classic preferential fare 
  • Don’t include any dimensions.
  • The AM plus flex fare can carry a piece of a bag of weight not more than 55lbs or 25kg.
  • The linear size can be 62 inches or 158 cm.
  • Passengers traveling with an infant can carry two articles a stroller, diaper bag, and bassinet.

How much can a carry-on bag weight Aeromexico?

When you proceed with the departure, you must know about the carry-on bag requirements for the journey. Hence, the following are the rules related to carry-on bags quantity and weight:

  • Your ticket allows you to bring one carry-on luggage with the personal item on your journey.
  • The total weight of the carry-on bag must be 10 kg for basic fare travelers. 
  • For the classic, AM Plus and premier fare of domestic flight are allowed to board 15kg weight of the bag.
  • The size of each bag must be 21.5 x 15.7 x 10 inches or 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm in length, height, and weight. The dimensions will include the wheeled or wheelless bags.
  • If the carry-on luggage crosses the general requirement, it will be treated as checked luggage and proceed to the security checking with the checked bags.
  • The personal item or carry-on bags must fit under the seat in front of you. 
  • Personal items include briefcases, purses, computers, umbrellas, etc. 
  • Moreover, if you have any queries, you can clear them with the customer service team. They will help you find all the points related to the Aeromexico baggage policy and check requirements to board the flight.

How much do you have to pay if your luggage is over 50 pounds Aeromexico?

According to the rules, overweight and oversized bags with Aeromexico need to pay the charges or fees. Hence bags weighing 23-32kg or 50-70lbs will incur an overweight baggage fee of $100 USD. For bags, up to 45 kg or 100lbs need to pay the fees of $200 USD.

How much does Aeromexico charge for overweight baggage?

When you board the flight with Aeromexico, you need to know about the general requirements of the baggage. If your bags exceed the general requirement, you need to pay the Aeromexico check-in baggage fees that will vary according to the weight of your bag. Following are the points that you can consider for overweight bags:

  • Aeromexico will charge the fees of $700 MXN for overweight bags between 23-33kg.
  • For bags of weight up to 45 kg will charge fees of $1300 MXN.
  • Overweight bags with Aeromexico for all the international flights need to pay the fees of $100 USD, and the weight of the bag must be 23-32 kg or 50-70 Lbs. 
  • For bags weight, up to 45 kg or 100lbs will be charged $200 USD.
  • The actual charges for the additional bags will depend on the origin and destination of the flight. 
  • Although, you can check their website to learn about the Aeromexico baggage rules and regulations for overweight and oversized bags.

Do you need a Covid test to fly to Aeromexico, Mexico?

If you want to travel to Mexico with Aeromexico, you need to be aware of the Covid requirements for the journey.

  • Submitting the negative Covid -test report at the time of check-in with Aeromexico is mandatory. 
  • If you have recently recovered from the Covid, you must add proof of recovery at least 24 hours before departure.
  • Although, you can take the Covid test at the airport 3 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • If you are test is negative, you still need to follow the Covid protocols like wearing the face mask and regularly sanitizing the hands.

Hence, to check the Covid requirements, to fly to Mexico with Aeromexico, you need to check on their website. In accordance with this, you can also get through with the customer service team and speak with the representative at Aeromexico. To connect with the customer executive, you can check the different contact modes on their help section like call, chat, email, or social media and find all the solutions accordingly in less time as customer service are accessible round the clock.

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