How can you get your refund from Lufthansa?


Are you looking for information on how to receive a refund from Lufthansa Airlines? Lufthansa Airlines offers the most appropriate refund option when a traveler is forced to cancel their flight because of an emergency. Many travelers are compelled to cancel their flights due to the current COVID outbreak, for which Lufthansa provided a refund in a very straightforward manner. If you want to learn that how do I get a refund from Lufthansa due to a coronavirus, please read the points listed below. 

  • All passengers who have to cancel their flights owing to the effects of the coronavirus are eligible for a refund from Lufthansa Airlines in the form of a credit voucher.
  • Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Lufthansa Airlines had also waived all additional costs and issue a complete refund to travelers who may be forced to cancel a flight as a result of the situation.
  • After accessing the website or calling the Lufthansa Airlines customer care department, you can request a refund from them.
  • Afterward, you must provide Lufthansa personnel your booking code and also the last name in order to receive your refund.
  • Ultimately, the airline validates your request for a refund and credits your initial payment method with the necessary amount.

According to the Lufthansa refund policy COVID, the information listed above is the most appropriate for receiving a refund from the airline. If you need any more assistance with getting your refund from the airlines, you may contact their representatives for additional information.

How long does Lufthansa take to provide a refund?

Do you want to know how long it takes for Lufthansa Airlines to refund your flight? You will be glad to discover that whenever you have to cancel a flight due to unexpected circumstances, Lufthansa refund policy ensures to provide the option of getting refunds. If you are eligible for a refund but are unclear how long it will take to get your refund from Lufthansa Airlines, please see the information below.

  • It takes Lufthansa around 7 days to provide refunds for all qualifying tickets purchased with a credit card.
  • Lufthansa takes around 20 days to provide refunds for all qualifying tickets paid in cash or by cheque.

You may get a good sense of how long it will take you to obtain your Lufthansa Airlines flight refund by looking at the information above. Furthermore, if you want any additional information regarding a flight refund or anything else, you may contact their customer service department for assistance.


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