How do i get military discount on Allegiant air?

Everything You Must Know About Military Discount at Allegiant Air!

Allegiant Air is a customer-friendly airline as it keeps releasing beneficial discounts and offers for its travelers. And one such amazing discount is for militants to honor their bravery; the airline promises to make their journey untroubled and comfortable.

If you also want to avail the Allegiant Air military discount, you have come to the right article. With the help of the upcoming section, you can collect an easy and understandable guide about the military discount available at Allegiant Air.

Details You Need to Know About Allegiant Air Discounts for Militant

Allegiant Air encourages the bravery of our working militants and military veterans of the US Army, followed by Marine Corps., Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Public Health Service Commissioned Corps., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Officer Corps. Allegiant Air offers the following services to those who present an authentic document to prove their military designation:

1. You can take two pieces of checked baggage with their individual up to 100 lbs with you.

2. The airline does not charge if you take oversized checked baggage with a maximum size of 115 linear inches.

3. Allegiant Airlines allows you an additional carry-on bag, but that must satisfy the standard size limit as put forth by the airline.

4. Also, print your boarding pass for free at the Allegiant Airport.

5. You are allowed to bring one pet to the cabin.

6. Spouses and dependents of the military officer or veteran can enjoy the same benefits within the Allegiant Air military discount promo code. But, they must carry a valid military ID stating the relationship with the dependent military.

  • You can enjoy prior boarding, and even if you cancel your reservation due to a change in orders, you do not have to pay any cancellation charges.
  • All the travelers must board together, considering that they share a single itinerary with a militant.

When can you qualify for a military discount at Allegiant Air?

To qualify for the discounts, you must show the following proof and IDs:

1. DOD Common Access Card

2. Uniformed Services ID Card

3. DD Form 214, 2, and 2765

How to redeem the Allegiant discount benefits?

  • It is easy to redeem the military discount as you need to reach the ticket agents who verify the ID card and help you add the extra services of your preference. 
  • However, if you paid for the services you might have got for free, you can contact the airline’s customer service team, who can help you get the credit for the services purchased.

Now, when you know does Allegiant Air offer military discounts, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket with Allegiant Air and ensure that you avail of the given discount and offers to make your journey luxurious and seamless.

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