How Do I Get A Refund From Air Canada?


Apart from being the largest airline of Canada, Air Canada is also the flag carrier of the country. The airline is known in the aviation market for the kind of services it provides to all the passengers and customers. If you are someone who is flying with the airline then you can be sure of some world-class treatment and more ways of in-flight entertainment than you can imagine.

Refund Policy of Air Canada

If you are someone who is canceling your ticket then you must be looking for a way to get your refund. But before that, it is vital to know the refund policy of the airline. Below mentioned are some of the important points of Air Canada refund policy that you need to make a note of –

  • A holder of a non-refundable ticket will not get any of the passengers to apply after a period of 24 hours of cancellation.
  • A holder of a refundable ticket can apply for the ticket 2 hours before the departure of the scheduled flight.
  • If you are applying after 24 hours of cancellation then you have to pay cancellation charges.
  • If the passenger applies for the cancellation from any official online portal or directly from the airport then the airline will charge the passenger with administration charges.
  • Both the cancellation and administration charges will be deducted from the amount that will be refunded.

Air Canada Refund Policy 24 hours

In accordance with Air Canada refund policy 24 hours if a passenger cancels his or her ticket within a period of 24 hours of cancellation then they do not have to pay any cancelation charges or alike. But if they fail to do so then there they have to pay cancellation charges and in some cases, administration charges too.

Air Canada Refund during Covid

If the reason behind the cancellation of your scheduled flight is an involuntary one then there are certain changes in the rules. Like last year many flights got canceled due to coronavirus. If that is the reason with you then Air Canada refund policy due to COVID states that –

  • The airline will provide the passengers with suitable flight changes.
  • If the airline fails to do so then all the passengers will be properly compensated in the form of a complete refund or e-vouchers or miles points.

How to Apply For Refund?

Now that you know the Air Canada refund policy for canceled flights then you might be wondering to know how you can get a refund. Below mentioned are the vital points that you need to make a note of –

1) Go to the official website and the top clicks the option of my trips.

2) Then from the drop-down menu that appears select the option of managing my trips.

3) There you will find the option of cancellation, click on it, and then start the process.

4)  At the final step you need to click on the option of a refund.

5) If you are someone who is eligible for a refund then you will get a notification accordingly.

6) You will get a refund within a period of 2-3 days.

The other even easier way of getting a refund is by directly contacting the customer care support of Air Canada. You can ask the live person or the representative for a refund and they will assist you in getting it. The live person will take you through the steps of getting a refund.

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