How to get refund from Cathay Pacific?

What are the ways to request a refund on Cathay Pacific after canceling tickets?

Do you know that Cathay Pacific provides a refund for a canceled ticket by the passengers? Cathay Pacific is extremely promising for the passengers for giving them full flexibility after booking a flight. That is why Cathay Pacific permits the passenger to cancel a booking if some urgency arrives at the same time when they are supposed to travel. The refund service of Cathay Pacific after cancelling a flight is very beneficial for the passengers all time. Moreover, Cathay Pacific has modified the rules to refund after cancellation for providing more flexibility to the passenger in the recent COVID-19 pandemic. You can gather more well-defined details about receiving a refund from Cathay Pacific from below.

Learn the ways to get your refund from Cathay Pacific

According to the recent Cathay pacific refund coronavirus updates, the airlines are waiving the extra fee applicable to it. Moreover, to know exact details about how to get a refund from Cathay Pacific after a ticket cancellation read the points from below:

  • To receive a refund from Cathay Pacific after cancelling a flight is fastest to apply from the manage booking section on their website
  • Or you can also directly contact the reservations support center of Cathay Pacific to receive your refund for a cancelled ticket as soon as possible
  • For booking through a third party website a passenger have to contact the travel agent to get the refund
  • Those who have booked redemption tickets have to fill the online form to receive a refund for it after the cancellation

What are the refund rules of Cathay Pacific after cancellation?

Cathay pacific cancellation policy represents the accurate rules to receive a refund from them after cancelling a flight, as described below:

  • The cancellation request has increased due to the Coronavirus period, so Cathay Pacific is providing the refund for US sector flights within 7 working days, while for other it might take up to 30 days
  • Cathay Pacific provides the refund to the passengers in the original payment mode after deduction of a cancellation fee, however in the recent scenario due to fee waiver they are proving full refund to the passengers after a ticket cancellation

For more support regarding getting back your refund for a cancelled ticket, you can directly reach to Cathay Pacific executives by connecting to their customer care center.

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