Is Delta safe to fly?



While the majority of Delta customers have remained at home since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the airline has made significant improvements in terms of cleanliness and protection, allowing you to feel more confident when you return to flying. It's known as the Delta CareStandard, and it entails several layers of protection for customers and employees on the road to ensure clean surfaces, more room, and safer operation.

is flying delta safe right now? The Delta CareStandard video demystifies today's travel experiences by guiding customers through the various levels of protection they can expect while flying with Delta.

From the moment you step into the check-in lobby, through security, to the gate, on the plane, and at the baggage claim at your final destination, the Delta CareStandard guarantees that you can feel confident in your decision to travel. Delta is constantly updating best practices and refining the latest care quality based on expert medical advice and customer feedback. 

What methods does Delta use to keep its planes clean?

On each flight, crews use electrostatic sprayers to sanitize the aircraft interiors with a high-grade disinfectant from floor to ceiling. Cleaning crews then use thorough manual cleaning techniques to scrub down cabin surfaces such as chairs, consoles, seatback screens, windows, doors, lavatories, and other high-touch areas.

Is it okay to wear a mask that has an exhaust valve?

For passengers flying on a Delta or Delta Connection flight, any mask with an exhaust valve has been ruled out as a suitable face mask. 

What if I can't put on a mask or if I have a mask requirement?

Customers with disabilities who are unable to wear a mask due to their disability should postpone their trip or plan to complete a 'Clearance-to-Fly' check at the airport before flying. If you need this exemption due to a disability, please arrive early to ensure that the procedure is completed during check-in and that you do not miss your flight.

Is flying delta safe right now?

Let's have a look now.  is delta airlines safe to fly? The following is what they have at the airport:

  • Long before they arrived at the airport, Delta passengers must have sent text messages and emails informing them of the new realities of travel and Delta's health protocols. At check-in, they'll also be required to sign a health declaration and agree to follow Delta's new face-covering guidelines.
  • Many people who need to check a bag or go to the ticket counter will see signs and reminders along the lines, which will help them maintain social distance from start to finish.
  • A hand sanitizer station is located at the start of the line. Then there are floor placards and reminders to make space for passengers, and at the ticket counter, there are plexiglass partitions.
  • These partitions are quickly becoming the new norm in airports around the world. According to Delta, they're located at every ticket counter, help desk, and gate in the terminal.
  • Cleaners are often sent to clean and wipe down self-serve kiosks.
  • There are also hand sanitizer and wipe stations nearby, and they're spread out to allow for separation. If passengers do not have any bags to search, using the Delta mobile app to get a boarding pass is a safer choice. 
  • Then it's on to the checkpoint, where the TSA has implemented new procedures such as antimicrobial containers, plexiglass booths for police, and self-service ID readers.
  • CLEAR, an airline partner that uses biometrics to speed up the ID check portion of the screening process and provides front-of-the-line privileges for an annual fee. 
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