Is Delta safe to fly?

Can I consider flying with Delta Airlines?

Yes, Delta Airlines provides one of the safest flights to your preferred destinations even in times of the pandemic. Most travelers have started to pack their backpacks after restrictions have been lifted from the travel advisory.

So, if you have planned a trip with your family but are worried about is Delta a safe airline, you need not be concerned. The airline has secured 7/7 ratings for being a safe airline. Also, in this article, you can find other safety measures imposed by Delta Airlines, so keep reading!

COVID-19 Travel Restrictions at Delta Airlines

When you travel with Delta Airlines, you must navigate the airline's terms and conditions. The airline has updated its policies and ensured that its staff members and customers lead a safe flight. Check out the given travel requirements as imposed by Delta Airlines:

  • You need to qualify the needs and requirements as imposed by the state government of your departure and arriving airport locations.
  • If you are still wondering is Delta a safe airline to fly withyou must know that the airline requires its travelers to present a negative COVID test report to the board on their flight.
  • You must check if the destination you are traveling to requires a negative COVID test report or not so that you do not have to face any inconveniences.
  • Check the test resources as accepted by your departing and arrival locations, and you can find this information on Delta Airlines' official website.
  • Also, if you are flying to or via the United States of America, you need to comply with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requirements as mentioned by the US government.
  • To ensure safety, you must provide a confirmation document while checking in for your flight that you do not require isolation or quarantine due to exposure to the pandemic.
  • A traveler must keep their face mask on from the moment they enter the airport; also, you must not remove the mask until and unless required.
  • You must sanitize your hand as often as possible to lead a safe and secure flight to your destination.

What methods does Delta use to keep its planes clean?

On each flight, crews use electrostatic sprayers to sanitize the aircraft interiors with a high-grade disinfectant from floor to ceiling. Cleaning crews then use thorough manual cleaning techniques to scrub down cabin surfaces such as chairs, consoles, seatback screens, windows, doors, lavatories, and other high-touch areas.

Is it okay to wear a mask that has an exhaust valve?

For passengers flying on a Delta or Delta Connection flight, any mask with an exhaust valve has been ruled out as a suitable face mask. 

What if I can't put on a mask or if I have a mask requirement?

Customers with disabilities who cannot wear a mask due to their disability should postpone their trip or plan to complete a 'Clearance-to-Fly' check at the airport before flying. If you need this exemption due to a disability, please arrive early to ensure that the procedure is completed during check-in and that you do not miss your flight.

Do not wonder "is Delta a safe airline" as you can find several preventive measures introduced by the airline to ensure your safety. Also, you can talk to the airline's official travel consolidator to help you out understand the protocols initiated by the airline for safety purposes.


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