Is it safe to travel to Turkey right now?

Turkey has been an important destination for millions of travelers around the world. The country is known for keeping a combination of both historical and sparkling coastline, natural landscapes, friendly people, and other perks. However, due to the Syrian conflict and other terrorist activities, travelers often hesitate to visit the country.

Hence, the question remains is it safe to travel in turkey right now, and that too in 2021 when the pandemic is just beginning to get over – maybe. Well, in this guide, you’ll be able to learn about how safe it is to travel to Turkey, and some simple tips to stay safe while exploring the country.

How Safe Is It To Travel To Turkey Right Now?

There’s no doubt that Turkey is indeed safe when it comes to the safety of the tourists, and the Turkish government is always dedicated to ensuring that. Besides, if you are wondering if is it safe to visit turkey right now, then worry not as you’ll be a priority for the government while you visit the country.

In addition, here are the safest places in Turkey that you can visit and enjoy in the country without any hassle.

  • Istanbul
  • Bodrum
  • Cappadocia

What Places In Turkey You Should Avoid?

Although the major part of Turkey is absolutely safe and stunning, one will still need to avoid the following places in order to ensure better safety and conflicts.

  • Sirnak
  • Mardin
  • Sanliurfa
  • Kilis
  • Hatay
  • Tunceli
  • Hakari

Is It Safe To Travel In Turkey Right Now? Safety Tips

  • Always try to avoid getting involved in any kind of political demonstrations.
  • Just don’t try to seem rich in turkey or go around flashing your money.
  • Beware of any kind of scam and if possible, do background research about the same.
  • In any way possible, keep your belongings close to yourself.
  • Try to learn some famous Turkish words and phrases.
  • Also, ensure to carry your hotel/guesthouse/hostel’s business card with yourself.
  • Do not insult the Turkish government in any way possible.
  • Get yourself something to protect yourself from mosquitoes.
  • Avoid taking any drugs especially in public places.
  • Do not take photographs in the prohibited areas and maintain the mosque etiquettes.
  • Beware of your actions and stay alert of the terrorist attacks.
  • Dress respectfully and greet everyone with respect.
  • Stay hydrated and keep all of your toiletries with you.
  • Don’t agree with anyone on anything in the first place and double-check everything.
  • Be respectful during Ramadan and don’t drink too much alcohol especially in a public place.

Therefore, the above-mentioned information should help you visit Turkey safely. If you are still wondering that How Safe Is It To Travel To Turkey Right Now, then you shouldn’t be worrying about anything as the country is quite far from any kind of danger. However, it is suggested to contact the best travel agent in Turkey to know about the best places to visit, travel tips, and other factors that can help you explore the country amazingly.

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