Is JetBlue a safe airline?


Mask for the face

All passengers aged 2 and up must wear a face covering over their nose and mouth during their entire journey, including check-in, boarding, flight, and deplaning. Exhalation valves or masks with vents are not allowed.

Checking in

All travellers must now complete a coronavirus health declaration as part of the check-in process, stating that they have not tested positive, developed symptoms (including a fever), or had recent contact with someone who has tested positive.

Is JetBlue a safe airline to fly?

Customers can self-scan the boarding pass inside the app when ready to board for a touchless boarding experience. They also have floor decals in place at many of their terminals to mark 6 feet and aid in distancing during boarding.

Personal Protection Packs, which contain hand sanitizer and two disinfectant wipes for customers to use onboard, are distributed prior to boarding. Hand sanitizer is also available in their airport terminals for both crew members and customers.

Is JetBlue a good airline to fly?

On every JetBlue flight, they will sell less than 70% of the seats. For those travelling together, some rows on their larger planes will have all three seats available, and some rows on their smaller planes will have both window and aisle seats available.

Service in the cabin

Onboard operation is being streamlined to reduce physical encounters and increase protection and comfort.

During operation, crew members wear medical-grade gloves, and masks are worn throughout the flight.

Food and drink

Onboard purchases such as liquor, EatUp Boxes, EatUp Café, pillows, and blankets are being temporarily suspended.

Snack baskets and beverage services have been replaced with a pre-packaged snack and bottled water for the time being. The Pantry does not have any grab-and-go snacks.

Changing the Mint experience to include a meal and dessert on one tray with covers on each food item single-use cups for drinks and more.

Inflight entertainment

Their seatback entertainment options are still available, and on some aircraft, personal mobile devices can be used as a seatback TV remote, eliminating the need for touchscreen functionality. Customers are also encouraged to carry their own headphones, as earbud sales onboard have been halted.


Before every flight, they disinfect their tray tables and restrooms, and during overnight cleanings, they concentrate on other high-touch areas like seat covers, armrests, and seatbelts.

During overnight deep cleanings, they use electrostatic sprayers in their aircraft cabins to improve disinfection. These devices give the disinfectant an electric charge, allowing it to completely cover and adhere to surfaces within their aircraft that would otherwise be difficult to reach with conventional aerosol or pump sprays.

Is JetBlue a safe airline to fly Hawaii?

Yes, it is as they are the first U.S. airline to test Honeywell's UV Cabin System, which offers an additional layer of protection against viruses and bacteria on surfaces, in addition to their other cleaning and disinfecting upgrades on board. This UV Cabin System is around the size of one of their beverage carts, with ultraviolet-c light arms that reach out and sweep the cabin in less than 10 minutes, treating aircraft surfaces such as benches, galleys, and bathrooms.

Their planes are all outfitted with hospital-grade HEPA air filters. Before re-entering the cabin or being blended with fresh air, all recirculated air passes through these filters. HEPA filters filter out 99.97% of particles, bacteria, and viruses. Every three minutes, all of the air in the cabin is replaced; with approximately 50 percent fresh air and 50 percent HEPA filtered air.

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