All about LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Policy

In case there are some issues with your name. Under LOT Polish airlines policy for the name change, you have to be sure with some legal points under which you will straightforwardly execute the procedure for LOT Polish airlines name change, without any trouble. Then you will have to be sure accordingly for name change at LOT Polish Airlines. So for your reference, here are some essential elements for the name change policy.

  • Passengers can change the name without any fee if they precede the process under 24 hours of purchase.
  • Further, if you need to avoid any change fee, you must purchase the ticket seven days before departure.
  • Moreover, in case the name is changed legally before the departure and beyond reservation, then in such a scenario, you can change the name without paying any extra fee.
  • If you purchased the flight ticket online by online travel agencies, you must contact them. 
  • regarding the name correction
  • Or, according to terms and conditions, minor changes to your name are allowed at LOT Polish Airlines, such as surname according to the government-approved document.
  • Lastly, if the name change is after marriage, you can edit the name at least 24 hours before the departure online after submitting the marriage certificates, etc.

The process to Name Change at LOT Polish Airlines

If you wish to change your name over LOT Polish Airlines, you will have to follow some essential points under which you can quite comfortably change your name, so follow the below points for help.

  • First, you need to visit the official website of the airline. 
  • Then move to the manage booking tab, and therein you have to enter the booking reference number with the passenger's last name.
  • After that, tap over modify option, and there you have to select the change option. 
  • After which, you will select the name section, and herein you will make appropriate changes with your name or surname.
  • At last, if any fee available pays, you can click on the save option and log out.

Guide to LOT Polish Airlines Name Change Fee:

As per LOT Polish Airlines name change fee point way, if you select to change your name after 24 hours of purchase, then according to LOT Polish airlines name change fee, you will be charged around $100 to $250 completely depending upon your name change priority.

Essential elements to Name Correction

Moreover, if you need to know about the points regarding the LOT Polish airlines name correction, then you will have to go through such points that will indicate you with the appropriate information mentioned below.

  • You can only correct the spelling of the first name of the passenger
  • You can correct the prefix or title 
  • You can only add or delete the initial name 
  • You can make corrections in the passenger's inverted first and last name.

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