Get all the details about Lufthansa Cancellation policy due to Coronavirus

Nowadays, everyone is concerned about their health due to the outbreak of pandemic Coronavirus and taking special precautions while leaving their homes. All the crowded places and gatherings are avoided these days. In case you have booked a flight ticket with Lufthansa but, you want to cancel due to this disease, you need to get complete info on the updated policy.

Cancellation in Lufthansa due to coronavirus

If you want to cancel your flight with Lufthansa, you need to have detailed info about the Lufthansa cancellation policy due to coronavirus. The important pointers of the policy are as follows:

  • The airline will continue to cancel all the operational flights for China until April 2020.
  • The airline is offering free rebooking or refund to the passengers who are affected due to flight cancellation.
  • Due to the accelerated spread of Coronavirus, all the flights are canceled for upcoming weeks.
  • The passengers can check the rescheduling status on the airline website.
  • You can leave your contact details with the airline so that they can contact you to inform you about the cancellations.
  • There could be some cancellation or Compensation in the flight schedules on a short notice period.

If you want a refund for your cancellation, you can refer to the Lufthansa refund policy. To get details about the Lufthansa policy, you can contact the representatives of the Lufthansa airline. They can be contacted at any time as the services are available 24x7. The contact info is provided on the Lufthansa website.

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          • Thomson
      • I have been trying to cancel my flight from Heathrow to Munich LH 247 on May 23rd 2020 - booking reference KRPVNI - for many days now, both by telephone and the internet to Lufthansa. Please refund my booking account and contact me by e-mail

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