How much does it cost to change a flight in the southwest?

Are you going to change Southwest flight and want to know about the fee structure? As known, Southwest is one of the popular airlines of the United States not only in terms of features and services, but also making passenger’s journeys more pleasant and hassle free. The airlines have been connecting over 50 countries with serving more than 300 destination places.

Sometimes, it happens that passengers plan to change their journey for another destination and they don't know how to make change in their flight. It is very simple and easy to change a flight before boarding the flight. So if passengers want to change a flight ticket online, they are required to read the policy of Southwest through which they can get complete details and re-book another flight without any kind of hassle. In addition to this, they can change the name, date and time, destination, class of booking, etc. Still, unable to get access the same via online, then follow the given steps that will assist to change particular flight with ease and comfort.

Some important point for Southwest flight change:

  • Confirm booking are required to change flight ticket
  • You can make adjustments within 7 days prior before the flight departing date
  • Changes in flight till 24 hours before scheduled departure
  • In case you are not able to make change, then you can contact reservation department of Southwest

Process for Southwest flight change

  • Official Booking API and click on login button
  • Fill the details that is required along with valid email address and password.
  • Now, click on manage booking tab to enter booking ID number and other details.
  • Here, you need to fill to make change like date, time, route and destination.
  • Further, if changes in flight is done and booking is confirmed by paying the fare difference as per the Southwest flight change policy.
  • Also, you can change flight before flight departure schedule and then follow the on screen instruction.

What is Southwest flight change fee?

Several processes are there to select the Southwest flight change fee to 80%. It changes approximately with the ticket range of $50  to $200. But this is not the case with Southwest, which gives a free ticket change policy to make your flight change on the same day unconditionally. So it doesn't matter if you are travelling to the same or another destination altogether, the southwest ticket change policy does not restrict to its passengers.

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